McCarthyism alive and well in Minnesota

Michele Bachmann Channels McCarthy: Obama “Very Anti-American,” Congressional Witch Hunt Needed

I can’t think of anything more anti-American than Bachmann’s rant.

Imagine if these freaks manage to win the election on the campaign they’ve run. For us non-Americans, this is rapidly deteriorating into a referendum on America’s credibility.

What would it tell the vast majority of the world who aren’t white if Americans couldn’t trust a black man in their top job?


Seems her opponent received hundreds of thousands of US dollars in donations following her rant, a rant that apparently even had Pat Buchanan shaking his head in disbelief.

Desperation is the mother of extremism.

Ain’t it the truth. Pair arrested after McCain sign torched in Sellwood

Ha! Busted!!

I once had a Gore sign stolen in 2000, and others went missing in our neighborhood.

Funny, I’ve never heard of a Republican campaign sign being stolen…

Here’s a sick, sick story of desperation and twisted minds:

Murdered bear cub on Carolina campus, wrapped in Obama signs

HGC you got the biggest chip on your shoulder in all of Forumosaland when it comes to America and Americans. I really doubt whoever wins this elected will change your way of thinking.

but where do you think he is wrong, ralphy?

he voices sentiments that many people in forumosaland and elsewhere feel.

I’m absolutely wounded that you would suggest such a thing, ralphy.


[quote]but where do you think he is wrong, ralphy?

he voices sentiments that many people in forumosaland and elsewhere feel.[/quote]

Australians have a chip on their shoulder? Judging from this board yeah? Hey it ain’t easy being the Sheriff little deputy :smiley:

I have never heard of that either.

I doubt it’s ever happened.

Democrats are the good people, you know. :uhhuh:

What a bunch of bullshit. Think Australia will have an Asian PM in YOUR generation HGC? Your kids? Your kids kids? Being an Uncle Tom may score points with your white “mates” but you sure as hell don’t come from some modern day Athens.

Dunno, ralphy old egg, dunno, but I’d like to think it was possible. Penny Wong is a cabinet minister in the current government, so they are close. She was elected without any reference to her race or gender by either side, by the way. I guess you must find it very galling that little Australia has a much more mature level of politics. i can understand your anguish, but don’t blame us, get yours right.

But perhaps you could tell me what the message would be to the non-white world, since so much of the campaign really has centred on Obama’s race and the possibility he might be a Muslim.


and in recent history, Faye Lo Po and Billy O’chee (an “irishized” version of Chee, if you please).

but leaders of the various parties? perhaps not until they are in the majority. remember we don’t have a presidential style leadership race in Australia, but a PM style, where the PM is chosen from the sitting members of the majority party by those members, based on intense favour swapping, arm twisting and backroom bully boy antics.

The U.S. has many more Asian-American politicians than Australia has Asian-Australian politicians. … oliticians

One little cabinet minister? Pshaw! Daniel Inouye has been serving as the Senator from Hawaii for 45 years.

Though I do find “Ed Jew” a funny name for a Chinese man.

To be fair, I imagine the U.S. probably has many more white politicians than Australia has also, right?

That’s right, on a crude measure you should have 15x as many as Australia. However, I think ironically enough that you have more politicians per head than we do, despite us both sharing a state and federal system - more states too, I guess.

But good grief, man, that Wiki politician category thing is way cool, or should I say lecker? Definittely shades, no pun intended, of the bad old days in Sud Afrika. As far as I know, there’s nowhere to go to find which Aussie politician is a Cape coloured and which is white. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that race isn’t as big an issue in Australia, but it might.


Looks like he has had a bit of bad luck lately.

[quote=“Wiki”]Suspension and later resignation

On September 25, 2007, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom suspended Jew for alleged official misconduct and began the process of removing him from office. Jew was also served with an outline drawn up by the city attorney of charges of misconduct for allegedly lying about where he lived. Deputy budget director Carmen Chu was assigned as a temporary replacement for Jew on the SF Board of Supervisors.

On January 10, 2008, Ed Jew tendered his resignation effective January 11, 2008 in exchange for Herrera and Newsom dropping both the civil lawsuit and misconduct proceeding before the Ethics Commission regarding his residency violation. In his letter, he noted that he faced tremendous legal expenses and has sworn never to seek public office ever again in his best interest of his family. He still faces more serious federal criminal prosecution and other civil litigation.

Pleads guilty to federal charges

On October 10, 2008, Ed Jew pled guilty in San Francisco Federal court to mail fraud, extortion and soliciting a bribe estimated at $84,000 from Taiwanese tapioca drink stores Quickly in District 4. Jew could face up to decades of jail term for the felony charges. Jew has yet to be tried on the state charges for election fraud alleging that he lied about his residency in his run for Supervisor[/quote]

Another Republican Congresscritter makes incendiary remarks, denies he said them, and then the audio suddenly becomes available, and then he denies that he denied saying it:

Robin Hayes: Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God!!


Pure comedy!