McClallan 40

An employer recently gave me a bottle of McClallan 40 year old. I was told by another friend that it sells for about $4,000 U.S. Is that true? Anybody know? I cant find a price list except the ridiculous Queen Elizabeth stuff. (Not her - the Scotch)If so, I wish I had sipped (guzzled) it more slowly.

Just think, you could have been invited - had I known you.
Prime rib, baked spuds some Wine soaked baked Kohlrabi and the sippin" stuff. The things dreams are made of.

Is that a typo or does your bottle say “McClallan”? If it’s a 40-yr-old bottle of “the Macallan” then it’s either fake or your boss is one generous fellow.

the Macallan. I’m a terrible typist but I was with him in the U.S. when he bought it and presented it when we arrived back in Taiwan. (I had won him a VERY large contract so I am sure it’s the real deal.) But what price for the real goods. Curious.

An associate also gave me some 20 year old. I could tell the difference after the first drink but after that it could have been Johnny Red. My taste buds go fast.

It is expensive, but also the brand is far and away the most overrated on the market. Sell it and buy something much cheaper and be happier.

But I like over rated stuff; include cars bourbon, scotch, girls, airplanes and . . . dd I mention girls?

Forgot to mention escargot, Pacific ousters wrapped in thinly sliced bacon, A fine Cognac, Leather bound 100 year old books, girls, My trust fund (I wish) and last but not by far the least, I LOVE TAIWAN. Not over rated and a damn fine place to call home - and I do.

I know, I’m getting started early but a day off is a day off and, not to be over rated, I can start any damn time I want.

TAiwanese girls rule ! (except for my one Indonesian girl ) :slight_smile:

I wouldve preferred 4000 bucks in stead of the bottle of whiskey, fine as it musta been.

here ya go, your drink may have been even more then 4000 bucks: … world.html

maybe you can find your bottle here? … .aspx?pg=2

1939 was what I got. Are you shitting me? More than 10,000 U.S.? I’m going to do more contract negotiations and sip slower next time.

sounds like 4000 was a bargain ! Kind of like a buy one-get one - free deal.

the problem with drinking something like that is that now you cant enjoy normal priced scotch as much.

better just stick with stuff you can regularly buy i guess.

At least it wasnt the 460,000 dollar bottle !