McDonald's apologizes after people said an ad supported Taiwan independence

Ouch … sensitive times for the creative industry.

All the focus back on Taiwan is just distraction from slowing growth rates and the hurt from the trade war. Xi barely touches the Taiwan issue for many years compared to past leaders. Recent talks of preparing for war and nationalism is all just a smoke screen. You’ll see more and more of this.


That’s true, he does need some hot button topics to shift pressure off trade and economy. Although i did hear from some of my mainland contacts that the more the (Taiwan) issue is drummed up, the more it will be difficult to just walk away later on and not include in his legacy.

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They could design two meal Happy Meals.
1 The Great China Burger with extra soya sauce
2 The Taiwanese Liberty Whopper with extra cheese.
Then consumers could vote which one they liked. A little tooth pic national.flag could be placed into.the respective burgers. Then consumer demand not politics would decide which one they want.


wrong movie mac dons, wrong move! you don’t want to mess with Taiwanese people. all MacDonald’s in Taiwan are going to be empty. empty i tell you! that will show them. in reality its the stores in china that will lose money…

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The apology was the only thing they did wrong here.

To apologize when you’re not in the wrong is the way of the coward.


Where can we see the ad?

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Rare wisdom there Rowland.

It’s so fast, and not really the propose of the ad to start any discussion on this topic.
I see no reason for apologies…

That was the fucking ad they are crying about ?

Holy shit…


yeah, I guess when you have the second largest market in the world, you get to be a cry baby.

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Deflecting attention away from the real problems by stoking nationalism and focusing the Chinese peoples’ ire toward us.

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Get the economy going, get the people to forget about the real issues,start a war!

If they’d just shut up and let things slide by, who would notice? I think all those minions going to U.S. universities don’t really understand the SJW movement.

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yeah and they apologised for it, I doubt that if they are kowtowing to this and the public are not bothered by TAIWAN MacDonalds doing so, that most of the new generation would not put up much of a fight against a real invasion. Chinese Taipei for athletics and now China controlling Taiwan Mac Donald’s advertisements. This is Sparta ! NOT
Mac Donald’s had lots of customers this morning so I guess most people are not bothered

It’s only China’s McDonald’s apologising. It’s owned by China and is called 金拱門. It would’ve been more news-worthy had they NOT apologised.

I agree. However, I guess it’s giving them a lot more advertising than expected.

That’s a Burger King TM!

Remember this:

A Taiwanese company supported the “92” agreement. Where did that boycott go? Polls say that a majority of Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not Chinese, that around a third support eventual declared independence, and a small number support declaring independence immediately. It doesn’t seem like even a small number are willing to give up their burgers and cakes.