McDonald's Menu Variations

The thing is, that is not a problem from the local perspective. Nobody is complaining about that.

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I must say @slawa this is really a new tone and approach for you. :joy:


I think I’m done with Taiwan Mac Ds.

It just feels increasingly like a delivery restaurant. Reduced seating, tons of people constantly standing around waiting and the service is just worse and worse. I just kind of hate going there now. Also now no cheaper than the alternatives.

It does look clearly like the new store designs are intended to chase away sit-down customers and get people to take away.


I know of two McDonalds in Taipei that had seating in the basement however according to the signs the government does not allow seating in the basement due to safety issues. Thus in one seating is limited to the first floor maybe only four seats. Other one has more seating but not as much as before

Unsurprising. In my experience a majority of the sit-down customers are kids doing homework, tutors teaching their students, and old people.

These customers spend a large amount of time in the restaurant and buy very little.


I’ve been in Taiwan for three years and have been to plenty of McDonald’s. None of them have changed in the last three years, and all of them are just fine the way they are.

I’m not sure where all this complaining about lack of seating is coming from.

Every remodelled McD’s I’ve seen recently in Taiwan has taken out the chairs, added a bunch of automated machines for ordering / payment, and been set up basically like a take-out space.

All this is likely coming soon to a McD’s near you . . .



Yeah, this happened in the US about five years ago, and the ones I’ve been to in Taiwan all have them too, and all look newly renovated with the new black/white/gray color scheme.

Still haven’t really noticed a lack of seating though. Was there just a huge abundance of seating back in the day before the remodeling?

Or maybe you guys are only talking about Taipei where retail space is generally smaller.

They are also taking out all the play areas for kids. There’s an interview on youtube where a spokesperson says when McDonald’s first entered Taiwan, they needed to alter consumer tastes, and they aimed to lure the kids to McDonald’s for the play area and now all those kids are grown up, and Taiwanese people are plenty familiar with American fast food, they no longer needs the play areas. Also, they no longer want McDonald’s to be seen as a place where you can get a cheap meal. That’s why remodeled McDonald’s feel more like a restaurant, and they even have to option to bring the food to your table. Lastly, Uber and other deliveries now make up most of the orders, so they had to make room for them.

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I thought this happened a long time ago. I haven’t seen a McDonald’s with a play area in at least a decade. Maybe longer.

I actually just saw one recently, I didn’t even know they existed in Taiwan! :smiley:

McDonald’s latest menu has a “fried goods select pack” which includes battered wings, crispy wings, and chicken nuggets. However, when ordering in-store we were told it’s “delivery-only”.

Why are they limiting certain items to delivery? That’s new (and annoying).

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They also don’t offer all items on Uber Eats.

Which is odd because when you use the official McDonald’s app, you have access to their full menu. They partner with UberEats to deliver your order.
Yeah…go figure.

It’s all about product differentiation. Why order from their official website if Uber Eats can give you the same selection? They need a way to draw their customers to their own website.

PSA: Curly fries are now available at McDonald’s across Taiwan. Limited time only.


Well if you live in gaoxiong expect to get these updates last. Pretty much every store ive seen in taipei has changed to the new take out factory model.

It might just be a new model for overpopulated cities, which Kaohsiung is not.

I don’t like how you’re forced to buy the extra large fries. That’s just too much for me. I mean I have a big enough appetite, but I get tired of the fries after so much- anyway, way before I get to the end of extra large Mickey D’s fries.

Uber Eats also forces me to buy from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant a combo of pho with beef balls (instead of just the basic pho minus beef balls which shouldn’t be in there) and a desert (I would normally skip the desert when not eating in the restaurant). This is for another thread, but it’s one of the many problems I have with Uber Eats.