McDonalds to sell ownership of Taiwan franchise


this is actually the part i like the least about fast food in taiwan. too many slobs just hanging around like they got nothing better to do. go to a cafe! cheap bums.


the menu is really different. they don’t even do the colonels original recipe. they have egg tarts instead of coselaw and they just have weird items like now they have a bacon, fried chicken and peanut butter burger. those flavors don’t go together i’m sorry.


I don’t mind egg tarts but there are literally a million places in Taiwan that sells it, but you have to realize though that all restaurants have regional menus. Perhaps coleslaw and mashed potatoes don’t go well here…


I think it’s because KFC in Taiwan is owned by a different company so they don’t get the secret recipe


That’s just a variation on the Elvis Sandwich.


They still do. After all they did buy the name so as a result they have the right to sell chickens with the secret recipe. Plus they more or less taste similar. It’s the mashed potato and coleslaw that they probably saw little market for so didn’t offer it. Both of those aren’t hard to make and the recipe are more or less open, but they probably thought that if they had to have supply lines for products that won’t sell in Taiwan, they won’t.


It’s a franchise, not a “different company”, of course they have access to all the KFC recipes.
They had Original Recipe for a long time and then stopped serving it because it wasn’t popular. So now you can choose between Crappy and Spicy Crappy.

Even in North America there are regional variations.
Where I grew up KFC never had mashed potatoes, only fries


But McDonald’s has better views of the street than Starbucks.


Did you have Baked beans or gravy also?


No beans, but yeah, the figgin gravy :yum:
You could eat them shits with a spoon, man.

Before it went bad

My God, that gravy is horrible. They buy tap water for 15 to 20 cents a thousand gallons and then mix it with flour and starch and end up with pure wallpaper paste. And I know wallpaper paste, by God, because I’ve seen my mother make it.

We did get the slaw/mac salad/potato salad stuff when they started carrying them in the 70s.


There is a KFc franchise in Oakland that I went often for lunch. But they got worse and worse. HOrrible food !

I much prefer POPEYES Fried Chicken here in Calif. Although not all stores are exactly the same, but they all have much better food than your average KFC.


Apparently the Chinese have embraced KFC as the number one fast food in China. They must be doing something right or the Chinese have no taste.

KFC & Pizza Hut in China


Is TKK in China?


“Wine tastes like gasoline”

What the…


Yes bear it has one branch in Shanghai…