MD players in Taichung

I am a young man about town, Taichung to be exact, who is looking to make a purchase. I have a small stack of crisp thousand dollar bills which I would like to convert into sound. However, my ears are choosy, and require the sharper, more clear tones enjoyed by listeners of the MD medium. In England we call them ‘wog boxes’ whilst in America they are ‘ghetto blasters’. I would like to position one in my very lounge and blast the spaces between my ears with some doped out flavas. But where can one purchase such a machine? Surely not in Geant… Are there similar minded folks who have walked the path before me…? Have I swallowed a dictionary? Will it ever rain again? All this and more must be answered by the Forumosans of present day Taiwan.

not to disparage, but you can do a lot better with a PC that will play hi-rip mp3’s or even aiff files. If you just want it for you living roon, thats a cheap and useful option. hard disk space is cheap, and you can always burn to a disk for your portable or even buy an I-pod which is a great alternative, however pricey. Alot of the above is pretty cheap in Taiwan;shop around. If you have crap speakers then the best player will not matter. Minidisk is limited.

A friend of mine made me about 20 md’s recently so I am itching to listen to them!