Me a chinese teacher! help!

hey ya’ll. i stepped in it this time. a high school in the states wants me to create/teach a chinese program. it is to grow into a four year program eventually. any good books to recommend to a new chinese language teacher? any advice would be greatly appreciated. PM’s would be great.

Why don’t I ever step in anything of this ilk? :astonished:

Are you looking for teaching methodology books or textbooks? If you’re specifically looking for a TCSOL kind of book, I would recommend:

i was walking by a local catholic highschool. some guy recognized me from high school. we chatted. told him i was just back from taiwan/china. his eyes lit up. he told me he was the principal ( i woulda guessed the tennis coach). we went into his office and set to scheming.

the mandarin teacher at the local state university (another taiwan survivor) has offered to help me and has showed me the chinese language teachers assoc. website and a few others.

i’m plotting on using ted yao’s books simply because that was what i used for CHN 101.

iron lady: by all means walk in some private schools stateside. i don’t think my ol buddy is an exception in wanting a chinese program at his school. may be too late for this term but plenty of time for spring 05 onwards.

Are those the Integrated Chinese books? I was going to suggest those just because I used them in Uni. They have tapes (maybe CD’s now) that go with them.