Me and the girls coming to taipei!

wondering if anyone out there can help?

myself and 3 friends are planning on coming to Taiwan, Taipei next June (mid-to end of the month) we would like to live and work in the city as english teachers. We have previously worked in South Korea as teachers and are from various native english speaking countries (England, America & Canada). we would like to get a four bedroom apartment in a good and lively area of the city, where’s good? dont want to commute too far


Seriously though…Xinyi (central eastern) area of Taipei is where you’ll find many (lame, overpriced) bars and clubs. It’s also expensive to live there, but if you’re 4 maybe you can do it cheaper.

A few random thoughts:

Most of the answers you want are already here for anyone who wants to read through old posts. The search engine isn’t too reliable at the moment so I’ll refrain from giving you a lecture.

You have plenty of time, so you can start - or join - specific threads about particular issues over the coming months. But spend a little time lurking so’s you get a feel for the place first. Some of our denizens are a bit mad, and have a habit of biting pieces out of people. Don’t mind Sandman, he’s Scottish.

There’s a website called which has a bunch of useful articles, extensive job listings, and other classified advertising. Use that to get a feel for what’s available, then come back here to talk about them and to peruse our own ads. We don’t have the quantity, but we do have the quality. :sunglasses:

Most people agree that it’s best to come here and then find a job. You’ll be arriving just before the summer camp season starts, which is a nice way to find your feet while you continue to look around for your permanent job. There are usually more permanent jobs available from late August.

Find a place to live once you know where you’ll be working. Plenty of advice on that here. Alternatively, if you’re all girls, you could come and live with me. I don’t have four spare beds so you’ll have to take turns bunking in with me, but at least the cooking and cleaning chores will be light if shared amongst you.

Hope this helps.