Me Style Euro-Asia Bistro Kaohsiung

Found out about this place when going through the FYI South magazine in desperation for a good place in Kaosiung. Found a write up about Me Style that was very positive and then went there. I must state that this is a top class place. Owned by a Puerto Rican born American called Mitchel and his wife Peggy. He does the cooking, she looks after the service. They have set menus that average around 750-950 per person which include, starter, soup or salad, main course and dessert as well as choice of one glass of white or red wine. Place can hold up to approx. 45 people in two sections. Can highly recommend this place if you are looking for fine dining. They have a very nice and reasonably priced selection of Italian and New World Wines. Best thing, they have no French wine!
They are on 25th Jung Shan Road, Tel. 07-215’55’22

sounds like a place ripe for a takeover / southern expnasion! :slight_smile:

No absolutely not! I might send my bunch of cooks down to learn from Mitchel. :unamused:

The food I had at this place was very good but by South Taiwan standards it is very quite expensive. At least you do get what you pay for though. For ease of finding it, it might be usefull to know that it is on the MinSheng/ZhongShan roundabout. The owner and his wife were very friendly too.
The owner/chef suggests if you want vegie food it is best to call them and tell them a day in advance and you will get a better meal but they did manage to do one vegie dish for me without prior notice.