Mean, Green, Sex Machine!

918 Spyder

I like - but I did expect a thread about your new vibrator!

In the car forum?

The 918 is about the sexiest new car I’ve seen in quite a long time.

In the car forum?..[/quote]

Well it is a machine!

Clearly just a slow work day - I’m sure a mod will be along in a minute to clean this up. :slight_smile:

Is this the women’s turn-on thread?

My boy has a vintage Porsche. This car is the alpha and omega. His north, south, east, west, Sunday best. His touchstone, his one true love, the meaning of his existence on planet earth. It has more love and attention lavished on it than a Taiwanese eldest son.

It is pretty cool, I grudgingly admit. Even though the electrics are always crapping out and it has no aircon.

YUM. I’ll take three please.

Less exotically, Vauxhall did a series of spectacularly fuel-efficient diesel versions of 2-seater sportscars, derived from the Lotus Elise (VX220 and the 2002 Eco-speedster concept derivative)

113 mpg. If someone designed a matching light, aerodynamic and sporty trailer for it it could even be practical. Have your cake and eat it too.

2-seater sports seem to make a lot of sense as a basis for extremely frugal cars, IF thats what was wanted, but it wasn’t, at least not then.