Meanwhile all over the planet

Economic issues, as distinct from politics?

Politics is downstream of culture, and the economy is downstream of politics. For example: Venezuela is a basket case because of socialism, and socialist because its voters are idiots.

But let’s get real. Protests never solved anything. It’s all just acting out and attention seeking. At a certain point you need to either shut up and fight or else shut up and suck it up.

Bolivia too.

Politics and economics are closely linked. I guess more political in HK and Spain. French people like to complain regardless of reasons, but decreasing social mobility doesn’t help. In some countries due to corruption/mismanagement by politicians e.g. Lebanon and Venezuela. Chile started with an economic issue.

To be fair, I don’t know enough about most of these countries to have an accurate picture of what is happening.

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Except ending the Vietnam war and ending legal segregation in the US for example.

Do you really not know anything at all or just trolling?


I think the North Vietnamese had more to do with that.


Fair enough.

I guess people that support fake populist movements havent witnessed the power of real ones in the streets.

I’m not saying it has no power! But fair is fair. The US showed a fair bit of determination in that conflict. The military and political realities in Vietnam were what ended the war.

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Thats fair.

Even if not the best example, mass protests of the Vietnam war in thr 60s clearly had impact. As did the march on Washington etc.

We marched against the Iraq war in NYC and i could tell it wouldnt make a bit of difference. But many protests have. His claim is outright false.

Not to mention the entitled nature of mocking political protests. Not many people in life are born lucky enough that they dont need to mobliize politically or join demonstrations. Its entitled and coming from the voice of faux populism its offensive. (Not referring to you obviously but just to be clear)

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The planet is moving further into the age of Aquarius.

Civil rights marches are a much better example.


Politics is downstream of culture


and the economy is downstream of politics.

Vietnam is a socialist country with the worlds fastest growing economy. Venezuela is a socialist country with dismal economy. Vastly different outcomes same ideology. So try again.

For example: Venezuela is a basket case because of socialism

See above

and socialist because its voters are idiots.

Youre calling half of a country you’ve likely never set foot in idiots. This is pretty bad.

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How did Bloomberg forget about the UK and all the brexit and Extinction Rebellion stuff?

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And also Iran, though the reason for that is more clear.

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The North Vietnamese made excellent use of propaganda too. They had Jane Frikken Fonda on their side!

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Chile: a president who has not paid taxes in 30 years yet personally benefited by selling public and private -other people’s- properties and the country’s water to transnational companies. An ever encroaching middle class. Spark: having to spend a third of your salary in transportation, yet get bad quality service, no right to complain because…oops, unresolved issues from last dictatorship.

Argentina: economic debacle

Bolivia: racial issues and socialism to mask someone else profiteering from having two thirds of the world’s lithium… under indigenous land.

Colombia: aftereffects from civil war, remnants of drug trade. Human trafficking thanks to…

Venezuela: mismanagement of oil and drug profits

Nicaragua: tired of just one family owning and getting rich by having a cut of all business done in the land.

Basically, no institutions, no rule of law, no distribution of earnings, large masses unemployed with no access to means of production…and Internet that makes things both murky and transparent: harder to hide messes, but also easier to manipulate the masses.


I don’t see it as doom and gloom necessarily. These things have been going on in 3rd world countries for centuries but internet has made news accessible and people are generally better informed (obviously not talking about Americans). In fact their income is much closer to 1st world average now than it was just a few decades ago.
I have no idea where it will lead, most probably nowhere or civil war, but the reason why we are seeing more protests in recent years is probably just dissemination of information.


Years we would need to see the historical trend to see if they are more or not.

The National Guard and Eisenhower did far more to end segregation than those showboaters did.

Oh, and it’s made a comeback.

People got wise to protests and they lost what little influence they had. That’s the problem with manipulation tactics.

By the way, when did the antiwar protests start? And when did the war end? Kind of a reach to say those protests ended the war.

Mass pressure tactics can influence a politician’s vote, but only if he’s either on the fence or somewhere near it. A protest is just a watered-down version of the Roman mobilis, which relied entirely on the threat of violent mayhem and a possible coup.

You are unable to conceive of the idea that poliitical leaders serve their electorate in a democracy and not vice versa. You literallly do not understand this.

Only the feeble-minded and orphans serve. Those who understand how things work wait for others to serve them. Serving is just another way for awful, small people to get what they want. It’s just passive-oppression in a fancy package. In the end, if you want a cup of coffee you need to send for takeout from a 7-11 and go pick it up yourself.