Meanwhile in Australia

I believe Australia’s been in the news a bit recently due to antagonism between it and China over the corona virus kerfuffle.
While that’s been going on the premier of Victoria, Comrade Dan, has signed the state up to China’s Belt and Road deal.
Even his federal colleagues disagree with him here. Be it motivated by opposition to communism, support of freedom or concern over human rights and interference in domestic affairs almost any pollie from the Greens to One Nation are wary of China to say the least. Dan’s stubbornness on this matter is puzzling to say the least.

I’ve commented on Comrade Dan’s apparent soft spot for China before. Recently he had Melbourne city’s landmarks light up in the colours of the flag of the CCP, to show “solidarity with Chinese communities”

Check his pockets.


I believe it’s hubris. He wanted to be the one to get this deal done. And now I believe he is hiding behind the temporary suspension of government activity.

Seems like UQ is basically owned by China; targeted harassment campaign and expulsion of student who criticised China

Sometimes you wonder about this, or is it really he thinks it’s good for Victoria and more so Melbourne with the new build in core. (Melbourne is becoming another big Asian city)