Meanwhile in Canuckistan

I consider myself to be pro-LGBTQQIAA. But this is going too far. Do I live in some dystopian, upside down, left wing 1984?

What you feel is real unless it’s not what we think you should feel.

Once “Soma” gets introduced I’m running … Wait the Liberal government legalized weed last year … Arrrrgggghhh!!! Run!!!

Betcha can’t say that three times fast.

Here’s a better question. Can you figure out what it means without looking it up?

No, I can’t. Nor can I be bothered to look it up.

I’m just a bit curious how it’s pronounced. It seems as if you risk swallowing your tongue if you try.

You say it one letter at a time. Meaning - Lesbian gay bi trans queer Intersex asexual Ally. Just for you.

Life’s too short for that bullshit. Let’s just call them lubkwuts.