Meanwhile in Catalonia...


It’s the calm before the storm.

No, I will not elaborate on that.

I’m being gnomic.



Translation in Chinese or English, please.


They’re talking about how to talk about maybe doing something about independence.


the translator sounds like retarded or stoned though


Where does one volunteer to combat such splittism? Viva Cristo rey motherfuckers!!! It is gonna be fun to watch Madrid centralism reinsert control shall the Catalans do anything rash.

Loving to see the wounds of the Civil War festering again. :grin::grin::grin:



If this is a negotiation ploy, just whom are they trying to negotiate with?

If they back off at this point, they’ll never live it down. You want respect, you have to earn it.


I wonder if this whole thing wasn’t primarily an attempt to affect the next general election. Now PP will lose support, but who will gain? Podemos? (They say they oppose Catalonian independence but support letting them have a real referendum.)



Jesus you seem to be pushing people towards Catalonian independence.
No wonder they want to leave and take their money with them. :slight_smile:.


You are pretty lost.

The independentism is pretty fragmented now (I mean, even more… it was a coalition of very, very different political parties) and in Spain people are getting very tired of Podemos because of the stupid things they focus on. On the top of that, many people aren’t happy about their ambiguous (in the best of the cases) posture towards the independentists.

Indeed, the intention of vote samples show this trend: Podemos goes down, and Ciudatans go up.


Trying to negotiate with the government of Spain you dimwit, who else? :slight_smile:



Who am I pushing?

A: I want independence!!!
B: Most people don’t want it, and you don’t have reasons for claiming it
A: you are oppressing me! fascist!
B: you are insulting us
A: OK, so I declare myself independent!
A: OK, now let’s sit down for negotiating
B: negotiating what?
A: my independence!
B: fuck off


I think this offers better insight to that rubbish above.

“Second, the new Catalan Statute of Autonomy, which the Catalan parliament passed in 2005, faced challenges when it went to Madrid for approval. The conservative People’s Party (PP), then in the opposition, claimed the law was unconstitutional, and the constitutional court declared fourteen articles illegal. This failed process to increase their nation’s sovereignty convinced many Catalans that they could not reform Spain from within”


Well, A clearly won: it was the first one to accuse the opposing side of being fascists.


You make it sound like if Catalonia wanted independen, but in this and the previous “referendums” called by the local government, less than a 40% of the electors supported it. It is not Catalonia (although there’s a lot of pro independence base of voters).

Also you make it sound like if Catalonia and Spain were at the same level. Are Texas and USA at the same level? No. If I say that USA is pushing Texas towards independence, I’m using the same fallacy than you.


Yeah, simple minds are lured by simple arguments “they only want to vote, why don’t you let them vote?” LOL


I told you before Irish independence the majority of Irish were not really interested in independence so much as autonomy (home rule).

When the British govt kept stalling for decades and decades the whole dynamic changed and almost overnight (Easter rising 1916 ) the movement for real independence became a majority movement.

Not saying the same can happen or should happen in Spain (I think greater autonomy as part of a Spanish republic would be an optimal solution ), just that are no certainties in politics. People can change their feelings and their voting patterns , permanently.

That idiot you call the king of Spain doesn’t help !


But of course. They wanted to change their Autonomy Statute claiming that they were a nation, opening in that way the way to independence, among other things. That and other points were against the Constitution, but the professional whiners say that it’s all fault of a political party that don’t like them and oppresses them and so. And MadriT. It’s all Madrit’s fault. It doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, apparently.

According to @Brianjones if the Constitution needs to be changed because the Oppressed People say so, we have to do it. Why? Nobody knows why, but if we don’t do it, we are fascists. xD