Meanwhile in Catalonia...


Yes, it is true but not as bad for them as it may sound. Right now most of them just moved their “social residence”/headquaters, which is not good for them, but not as bad as to make some other legal movements… can’t explain it in proper English now, sorry.

I see this as a warning from the companies, which are also concerned about a local government that provides zero legal stability (they don’t follow the law… not even their made up laws!).

However, this can turn much worse. The local government knew this would happened (they were told so by every single expert), but were on denial (publicly, lying on the media). What will happen if they insist on the secession is that more companies will leave for good. Some have done it already.


Only for Spanish speakers, but it’s a gem:


I have no idea about the way Catalonia is regulated…if a company has the HQ in Catalonia, do their taxes go to “mainland Spain” or Catalonia? Or is it a split?

This whole independence movement is a very dangerous slippery slope, though: if Catalonia becomes independent, other regions of Spain may be tempted to do the same, like for example Portugal.



Remember the Philippines!


Oh, BTW, very related. The CUP is a small political party in Catalonia, far left wing, anti-establishment, anarchist… etc. The local government rely greatly on them, and have been also kinda blackmailed by them as for the claims and its terms. This CUP guys, as companies and banks started to move their HQ’s outside Catalonia, instead of getting worried (like normal people) or trying to lie Catalans (as Junqueras and Puigdemont, who said some bullshit along the lines “they will come back” and "they are leaving BUT to the “Paisos Catalans” “Catalan Countries” xD), they celebrated it, for they don’t like big companies. And some of them started to say that they will establish a control of funds movement, so that money wouldn’t leave Catalonia. Basically a corralito, which is what happened in Argentina:

These CUP mofos are now VERY disappointed with Puigdemont, and have given the local government 1 month for declaring the independence.

Last night all Spain was laughing at what Puigdemont did: to declare the independence and THEN suspend it, for it was understood that he’s scared and didn’t date to do what they announced they would do. He tried to make it look like they want to negotiate and talk and whatnot. However, the fact is that he did declare the independence, even if it was in a shitty way that didn’t satisfied his allies. This means that he’s culprit of sedition and that he could go to jail soon. Whether government and/or judges take any action, that’s unknown. I think that the Autonomous Community of Catalonia will definitively lose some autonomy starting from tomorrow, but it’s unclear where this idiot will sleep the next days/months/years.

As for your questions re taxes: taxes are payed to the central government and this one redistributes them. The problem for Catalonia and these companies is if there was a real independence, in which case this companies would pay much, much higher taxes for operating in Spain/Europe, for they would be “foreign” companies. This means that if we ever reach this point, there would be a massive runaway of companies from Catalonia, this time for real (not just some “social” headquarters). Some have done it for real already though.


Oh I see, thanks. So for those companies moving the HQ outside of Catalonia is just a way to make sure than if anything happens they won’t be stuck in a semi-country that is not recognized by the EU and avoid possible tax spikes.

I wonder if the owner of Barca will consider relocating the team. It would be funny if Catalonia became indipendent and Barca was banned from competitions outside of Catalonia.

Wtf, that would be glorious, I’m pro indipendence now!


It is more or less that. That’s one of the reasons, but they are also seeking some stability. I also believe that it’s a way for them to say even more clearly that they are NOT interested in this secession shit. Again, there’s roughly a 40% of secession supporters in Catalonia, which is very high (10 years ago it was about 14%?), but it’s not even half the electors. However their MKTN/PR campaigns are far better than Spain’s.


Some of the main actors in this story:

Anna Gabriel, member of CUP, she has declared that she wouldn’t have kids on her own but in group (she believes in communal societies instead of family and sometimes she isn’t sure about her corporal odor):

Carles Puigdemont, president of Catalonia, didn’t finish his bachelor, and uses a mop as hair:

Puigdemont wasn’t elected by electors in Catalonia. He just substitutes Artur Mas, who was set aside of the secession process mainly because of the CUP (they saw him as a representation of the corruption in Catalonia)

Artur Mas, previously the president of Catalonia, now hoping for some statue or something in the newly established Free Republic of Catalonia:

According to the Catalan history revisionists, he’s a descendant of Colon (Colombus) who, according to the same people, was Catalan, same as Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare (the Institut Nova Historia claims that Cervantes and Shakespeare were actually the same person, and of course he was Catalan. This people get money from independentists mayors). He’s considered the William Wallace of Catalonia. Here’s a depiction:

Oriol Junqueras, second on board on this craziness. Shameless compulsive liar among other things:


We need someone from Catalonia to make a balanced post.
Any Catalans in Taiwan and Forumosa?


Do you doubt of what I’m saying?

You can use google translator and learn how the Evil Castilians rewrote the history so that nobody could know how great the Noble Catalan People was. The oldest country in the World! No kidding!

BTW, the Mona Lisa was actually the Moreneta, some Virgin Mary from Catalonia, and it was painted by Da Vinci, which of course was Catalan, but you don’t know this because of the Evil Castilian.


I thought Colon was Sefardita.


No, Colon, Shakespeare/Cervantes, and Michelangelo, all of them were Catalan.

You can argue that these people at INH are freaks (and you would be right), but they get money from the nationalist politicians in Catalonia for running conferences. You would also say that not so many idiots would believe such nonsensical theories… well, some people do. And even if not every nationalist believes it, the idea of the Evil Castilian rewriting the history for eclipsing Catalonia is already inseminated and has many followers.

As for Junqueras, he has even used the genetics/racism for claiming that Catalonia is different from Spain:

I’m not kidding: these people are nuts, they are supremacists; they really believe that they are some chosen nation that has been repressed for centuries.


I watched the live debate and was thoroughly impressed with the woman who spoke in opposition to leaving. She mentioned that a Spain fully integrated into the EU is the future and this nationalism is anti-EU and regressive. She was spot on.


Carme Forcadell, the current speaker of the Catalan National Assembly, had publicly said that those who are not pro independence are NOT real Catalan. That’s basically the type of things that more than half the Catalan people have to cope with. Now, when you ask them why don’t they fight it back, why don’t they go out and demonstrate against secessionists, they say that they don’t like the kind of people who attend those demonstrations. So… in the meanwhile nationalists/secessionists make misinformed people abroad believe that it’s the whole Catalonia that wants to become a country. It’s a pity.


I was thoroughly impressed with her response. Very articulate and not too shabby to look at either!:és_Arrimadas


TBH, part of her speech left a meh feeling in me, but she brought up good points and more importantly a couple of facts that the international community can easily understand and make things look different . It’s not just people who “wan’t to vote”. And not every single Catalan wants independence (all the polls, referendums, voting… indicate that they are less than a 40%.


Oh come on. Neither did Gates, Jobs… or you (2000 years ago)!

As for the hair, well, it’s the fashion of the times. :idunno:


Would it affect the Spanish Football team?
I remembered almost everyone in the National team was from FC Barcelona, especially when Spain won the title in 2010.




So Puigdemont declared the Free Republic of Catalonia and a few seconds later suspended it. The effect on the nationalists hearts:

For some believers, it was like… I don’t know, to find out they are actually Spanish!

A tragedy of non commensurable dimensions!

Jokes/retardedness apart, there’s a problem with what happened two days ago: after Puigdemont broke the hearts of some retarded Catalan, he signed off with some other mates and act of the day declaring the born of The Free Republic of Catalonia… and no mention to any suspension at all. This document has no validity whatsoever for it doesn’t have the necessary signatures of other members of the chamber, but who cares, they follow their own rules! but… it demonstrates their true colors.

After having declared the independence, with the support of less than a 50% of the electors (around 40% really), he pretends that he just wants dialog, and some people understand it in that way: political allies are pissed off, the retarded sweetheart (or sweatheart) in the pictures above doesn’t understand it, some others are really happy that he finally steps back and asks for dialogue… but the truth is that he has declared the independence.

Why to do it in that way? some people and analysts were saying days before that he would try to attempt a “rhetorical” unilateral independence declaration so that it wouldn’t be clear what the situation was, and become a country of fact, until they would get some international recognition. This might be true, but what I can see is a cynic that depending on who asks, would say that the Free Republic of Catalonia has been declared or not. Hence the confusion by many people. Why to do so? firstly he doesn’t want to go to jail, and secondly if the government takes any action (and they will), he will get a lot more of support from people who just got the other version, the one that says that he stopped the whole thing and asked for dialogue.

A cynic, a traitor, a liar, a joker, a person who is playing with his region and its people. He’s putting at risk the autonomy of this region (article 155, the card that the government is going to play is about that: retaking the control of a region that is breaking the law consistently).

So what is Mariano Rajoy, the Buddhist (no action man) president of Spain going to do? actually his special skill (not doing anything at all and let things settle on their own), is more or less working out this time. Firstly he’s asked Puigdemont whether or not he has declared the independence. Sounds silly, but it’s a smart movement if you care a bit about people’s opinion, and there are many eyes on Spain right now, and the government has done a very bad communication campaign, especially if compared with what the independentists have done.

After that, the government will ask the local government to stop their madness, to desists on their secessionist attempt. And if they don’t, after 4 or 5 days, everything will be intervened. I think that the nutter on the picture and others will die out of heart attack, but that’s life.