Meanwhile in Catalonia...


Should be catalán:

Taiwaneses - Taiwan people , could be male or female. or a group of male people or things

Taiwanesas - lots of female Taiwanese people

Taiwanés - referring to one from Taiwan

Taiwanesa - a person or thing of female gender from Taiwan

Please note in Spanish we do not use capital letters for nationalities, just for the first word in a sentence.


Taiwanès, taiwaneses

“Taiwanesos” seems to be mispelled:

Or at least google translator can’t detect the language.


Something sounds cute -> it’s a typo

why even live, ffs


Basque national soccer federation voted near unanimously (one abstention) last month to look for official recognition by FIFA and UEFA.
In the UN, there are 195 recognized states (which include the Holy See and Palenstine).
The IOC recognizes 206 members.
FIFA recognizes 211 membership.
IAAF recognizes 215.


Your point being…?


Calm down, you angry gorilla. It turns out that it is Catalan:



  1. masculine [plural] ( of taiwanès

Now, it’s seems to be used as a noun in that sentence, so either the sentence is grammatically incorrect or wikidictionary should add it also as a noun.


you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it think


And you can also throw random facts and numbers like if they implied something.


As per our Catalan friends, the message has a few issues. Better:

Taiwan mai no acceptarà “un país, dos sistemes”
La majoria de taiwanesos rebutja amb fermesa la política “un país, dos sistemes”.
Aquest és el consens a Taiwan.


Well, not being a Catalan speaker myself, it still did sound a bit weird to me. That missing “no” was kinda essential… right? Anyway, who knows who made it anyway.

I’m still waiting for @CTaitung to come back and enlighten all the horses who may be wondering what exactly he was pointing out… apart from the numbers. Is he seeing something coming up within the next years? is he seeing some moral qualities or issues in the different sports or organizations? is he perhaps pointing out that opinions depend on something else? is he pointing out how irrelevant is that sports organizations recognize you as a country? Can he read the future in football competitions?

This poor horse is at lost, and I’m afraid that @CTaitung usually assumes that people understand him and what he means or wants, when usually nobody does xD


I am not expert in Spanish, let alone Catalan, but it seems to me all Tsai said in that Catalan statement is that the majority of Taiwanese rejects the “One country Two Systems” framework.

What’s wrong with making that statement in Catalan? Is using the Catalan language offensive to European leaders?


It’s offensive to Mad Masala it seems but everybody else thinks it’s great :slight_smile:


It is kicking a hornet´s nest.

I understand the Spanish government is not the friendliest to Taiwan but making enemies is no good when there are hundreds of your people in their jails.


Holy shit, so she only addressed her message to catalan MALES? In 2019? Brave & stunning.

In before:“Maybe it was a typo, it doesn’t mean that…” -> no, I want to be in a world where the female President of Taiwan only addressed catalan males on purpose.


To use Catalan is not necessarily a problem. The problem would be how it could be interpret. For example, is she addressing people or nations? if it’s the latter, to use Catalan would mean that she would be recognizing Catalonia as a nation or state, upsetting in this way Spain and Europe, which wouldn’t be a very smart movement, but could be explained because Catalonia has put a lot of money and effort on a campaign of misinformation in the last years. Actually they’ve been working on this for very long.

If she were just addressing “the people” of the free World, then there shouldn’t be any problem with it.


Again, I’m not sure about what the grammar says, but it could be possible that the male gender were used in Catalan for the neutral gender in plural words.


The Real Academia de la Lengua Española has set certain parameters and inclusive language has been deemed cumbersome in Spanish, not to say unelegant. It sounds horrible, TBH, and anyone that has had their ears piecerd by speeches by Maburro )Maduro, Venezuela) will tell you it is a no no.

Anyways, by language rules, romance languages, when used in general terms, can use teh masculine to imply both male and female. Remember chairs, pensils, cups, all objects also have gender, so it gets a bit complicated. With people, it is commonly accepted as a formula, and it would be incotrrect to state thye in both male and female forms.


Currently Europe is concerned about what is happening in Catalonia because there are several independentist movements that could follow them, so no nation in Europe is interested in Catalonia doing this idiotic referendums and declaring 10 second republics.

The Catalan independentism (please do NOT confuse it with Catalonia, more than half the Catalans do not want to become a nation or anything like that!) doesn’t count with much international support. In Europe it’s just a few pseudo nazi parties in Belgium and Italy and that’s about it.


Yeah, innocent enough, but some people might read more into it than she intended. She could have made that statement in Hawaiian language and Kurdish language as well, and it might have repercussions. That’s what you have experts for, who understand the possible political implications, or at least you should have.


Yes we Europeans are concerned about the repression of Catalans who are looking to exercise their democratic mandate.