Meanwhile in Catalonia...


Sorry, let me know if I got it right.

What you think is happening is that Catalonia wants to depart from Spain because of the corruption inherited from the dictatorship? Exotic yet interesting interpretation, erroneous nevertheless. No, “Catalonia” wasn’t criticizing the Spanish establishment or political system. And there has been some very important corruption cases in Catalonia, involving the biggest now pro independence party there.


It doesn’t really matter how Catalonia joined Spain. If a place is truly democratic, like say the UK, they can go ahead and let Scotland decide whether or not they want to be independent. Scotland joined the UK in a similar fashion as Catalan did with Aragon and Castile.

If like you said, those who support independence is not the majority, then like Scotland the people of Catalan would reject the referendum.

It comes down to the attitude of the central government. It should provide a legal avenue for such referendum to go forth, and then urge peacefully for people to vote for the union. If instead it makes a legal referendum near impossible, then cracks down on people urging for such an referendum, then you are practically pushing people away.

That goes for any country/region…


Catalonia didn’t “join” Spain. Catalonia was part of a Kingdom that joined other kingdoms. Can Linkou declare its independence from Taiwan because there’s a 47% (actually not even that) of votes of a poll supporting the Linkou independence? Yeah, I guessed so.

It’s weird you bring up Scotland, which was already a country before joining UK.


‘Catalonia is like Linkou’

I don’t think they will like that comparison. More protests on the way !


But people in Linkou will love it. I can already see a whole new batch of apartment complexes with Catalonia in the name…Catalonia Rich Castle, etc.


There are some Europe-like neighborhoods in Linkou.


Don’t worry @mad_masala, he will change his tune pretty quickly when I and my fellow nationals of the republic of the Dingle Dangle Peninsula strike for freedom. And its coming! Make no doubt about that :laughing:


I once stepped in a hornet’s nest. It was well hidden in the underbrush, the fuckers.

I watched them die in a torchiere lamp. It felt good. Thought they were clever laying that ambush for me? Not so clever after all. Ambuscade cuts both ways.

I, on the other hand, did not die. All things considered, no regrets. The only reason I’m more careful now about underbrush is they don’t sell those lamps anymore.