Meanwhile in Catalonia...



That’s what I mean. Police officers are just doing their job. They don’t care if the crowd in front of them are crazy Real Madrid fans or Catalan striving independence. They will do the exact same thing if they get the same order from their superior officers.
So, a police officer pushes a Real Madrid fan back = a police officer pushes a Catalan back. It’s the same thing.
But, no one will pay much attention to the former, while everyone condemns the latter.
It’s the magic of politics, I guess.


I see your Conquistador and raise you a Cortez the Killer.


I then respond by playing Cara El Sol:


More on Brussels’ embarrassment:

It’s an EU internal matter. Or something.

It seems the idea of the nation-state is in decline. The way they broke up the Ottoman Empire put the idea to the ultimate test and showed it has limitations. A century later, it seems it’s not even good at what we thought it was good for.

Spain is a political construct. It’s only marginally less artificial than, say, Belgium. Or Canada. Or the UK.

And what exactly is the EU anyway? Does anyone know anymore?


The Nuremberg defense. First refuge of every bureaucrat and every storm trooper.

I’d say they should get another job, but how’s the economy there?


Or that funny place that still votes along Civil War lines a century and a half later… :whistle:


They still vote straight ticket Democrat in Dixie?


Ps: I’m not a libertarian, dafuq ?_?


*triggering intensifies


How’s your job of persuading them to vote Saxon instead of Norman working out these days?


Humble apologies, Mr. Wtf. :bowing:

Is there a label you prefer? May I simply call you a covfefist? (Small c or large, up to you!)


Can someone enlighten me on why the EU has been so tough on regional self-determination in Europe? If the split up states ends up in the EU anyway, how would that be different for the EU it self? I would think that each regions joining the EU would be better in the long run rather than a bunch of nation states riffed with internal conflicts.


It’s difficult, because in the Uk I’d consider myself a Liberal, in the US I’d lean towards the Republican party, in some European countries I’d support parties that are considered FAR-RIGHT even if they have semi-socialist programs (Swedish Democrats are a good example of that).

I like Mr Ko, is there something like Koism? I could be a Koist.


The EU has no real authority to interfere in domestic political affairs in European states.

Despite all the Brexit posturing there is no federal superstate…Yet.

EVen if the EU does try to interfere it can easily blow back in their face.


Ko-P flirts with parties but built his identity as an independent.

I’ll just call you an “independent covfefist sympathist” and hope you don’t get too triggered.


“Ko-pist” would sound neat!

I think that calling me “Ko-pist” would also make your life easier, I’m worried that typing “independent covfefist sympathist” every time may lead you to being the triggered one!


If regions are allowed to break off from countries, the Eurocrats are afraid countries may get ideas about breaking off from the EU.



You’re in favor of putting people with Asperger’s in charge of everything!?! Come to think of it, that may not be a bad idea…


But not haram if they’re allowed to break off into caliphates. :wink: