Meanwhile in Hong Kong



When asked for comment. Beijing responded:
‘We kept losing elections so we changed the rules. Problem solved.’

Well …

What are you guys complaining about :slight_smile: China loves democracy in HK.

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From the movie “The dictator” at the voting booth
“We will have fair and free elections”


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The kangaroo courts have begun. R.I.P. Hong Kong.

National Security Oppression Day

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The latest is a new immigration law that empowers the chief immigration officer to slap an exit ban on anybody. No way out if they’re looking for you. I’m surprised they haven’t moved on foreigners who picked up a Taiwan visa in Hong Kong yet. That visa office’s days are surely numbered.

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Think the staff already left. Think closed already

People have been saying it reminds them of when the ccp took over china. Things are only going to get worse and worse for hong kongers.


So, bang goes the Taiwan office in Hong Kong. Could see that coming a mile off. No more visa runs presumably. It is the end of an era. I used to enjoy going to Hong Kong; I think we all did. How many times did you visit the Lippo building? I think I went there maybe a dozen times over the years, first in 1988 and the last time in 2017, a 30-year spread. The office changed alot duirng this period becoming increasingly impersonal–I won’t miss going there in particular. Where is everyone going to go now? Seoul or Manila? I’ve been to both of those places. Interesting trips but not as convenient as Hong Kong. Bangkok is another option; went there once too, and was treated very fairly by the acting Director when I had a problem back in 2007.


I went to the Lippo building about 6 times. It was always a shock to leave grotty Taipei and Taoyuan airport and then fly to sparkling rich HK observing the well off expat workforce there.

It wasn’t exactly enjoyable dealing with those hags (one of them even gave me grief about my marriage which was ridiculous) but the visits to HK are, for the most part, fondly remembered.

My fave visa trip ever was Okinawa and it was 2003 because it was SARS and there was a real danger I was not going to be able to reenter Taiwan. I also remember until SARS2 that day held the record of the lowest number of people flying in/out of Taiwan.

It may not have been a bad thing to be stuck in Okinawa if I had any actual money at the time. And I still haven’t been back, really looking forward to getting there and Japan again.


Okinawa is close by as well.

I am sure they won’t complain about the extra tourist money.

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I wasn’t sure if Okinawa was an option. The last time I checked, there were no flights from Taiwan to the island. It’s the one place within range I haven’t been to.

I think I know the “hag” you are talking about. She was nasty. Some waiguoren in the past must have shouted at her, and she took it out on the rest of us forevermore.

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How much of this will affect the average citizen? I know many Taiwanese greens who will still visit HK and they say the reason is that they are not public figures so the danger is almost null.

It’s for PanDems in HK.

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You might get jailed for wearing black in Hong Kong.

Tiananmen museum in HK got raided and forced to close down.


How about white? Chinese color of mourning.

The opposition lead Budapest government just announced that they’ll rename streets around the planned Fudan campus in the Hungarian capital. One of those planned to be called “Free Hong Kong Street”

“The streets in the capital’s industrial south, where plans to set up a campus, will be renamed Uighur Martyrs street, Dalai Lama street and Free Hong Kong street, among others, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony said at a briefing on Wednesday.”

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I wanna name one Taiwan Country Road

It’s a double entendre :howyoudoin:

Poor Rod Dreher.
Orban- crapping on gays/Muslims/civil rights/Western culture: good
China- Marxist: bad
But- China building Fudan campus under Chinese control, crapping on gays/Muslims/civil rights/Western culture: good? bad?
He’s as twisted around as Kremlin Carlson.