Meanwhile in Hong Kong

I’m sure that’s all very convincing :rofl:

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An update:

UK officials made clear the embassy was fully aware that if the [Chinese] diplomats [involved in the attack] did not agree to take part in the police investigation, then there would be consequences.

This is likely to have included the men being declared persona non grata and expelled from the UK.

Instead, China has chosen to avoid that outcome by recalling the diplomats themselves.

No doubt that’ll show them.


This is a nice read, albeit from someone I can only assume is suffering from severe adhd.

Taipei is, in many ways, the opposite of Hong Kong. Instead of brisk efficiency and blaring wealth, it’s subdued, sleepy, painfully bureaucratic. I take long breaths to quash the swell of my impatience when I wait the five minutes for the clerk to package my purchase behind the counter or when I read the latest government email detailing some new nonsensical hurdle I have to jump through in order to stay here. But in the place of efficiency there’s a polite warmth. I bow now, apologise for the smallest perceived inconvenience. Strangers have time for me here.

This is so true.


Yea resonated with me as well.

This part was heartwarming af too.

Recently, when I went to my local pet store to buy dog food, the salesperson gave me the lottery receipt I’d left behind on my last visit. They’d kept it in a drawer for me, for the next time I came in. I felt a jolt of surprise, and then something deeper: like nostalgia, but toward the future. Later I came to understand it as a kind of relief at being seen, at the beginnings of recognition that precede a sense of belonging.

You take photographs? You’re not welcome.


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Marching for women’s rights? Not in today’s Hong Kong.

Following the cancellation of the Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association’s protest on Saturday night, groups of police officers have been stationed around Wan Chai, where the march was scheduled to start. Police have warned that those attempting to attend may risk arrest.



So much police in wan chai around the southorn playground… Police state and MTR all plastered with the garbage below:

Even some trams all covered with that.

More news that will surprise exactly no one.



They should start calling the city Xiang Gang, they have no right to call it Hong Kong anymore…



Looking for another reason not to move to Hong Kong? Here you go!


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Critical thinking is against NSL, u might have subversive thoughts or accidentally instill hatred against the gov

During my time as English teacher, CCTV was installed all over campus including front gates, playgrounds, corridors, hallways, special rooms, laboratories, general offices, etc etc but the majority of classrooms were excluded.