Meanwhile in Kentucky

I guess removing the letters from all the keyboards wasn’t a good enough f----k you.

In one case, Bevin pardoned a man convicted of homicide. That man’s family raised more than $20,000 at a political fundraiser to help Bevin pay off a debt owed from his 2015 gubernatorial campaign.
In all, the former governor signed off on 428 pardons and commutations since his loss to Democrat Andy Beshear, according to The Courier-Journal. The paper notes, “The beneficiaries include one offender convicted of raping a child, another who hired a hit man to kill his business partner and a third who killed his parents.”


Put him him in tar and feathers!

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No posts? Must not fit the narrative. Hard to pin this one on Hillary.

I thought Dems were anti-prison.

Now you’re pro-prison and for law and order?

I thought Republicans were anti-rape.

Dems are pro-rape now?

Don’t try to turn this around on me.