Meanwhile in Puerto Rico

Not everyone blames Trump, but they all blame government.

(Unless they think global warming caused that hurricane.)

Puerto Rico will be barred from paying its $15-an-hour minimum wage to workers on federally funded projects. And none of the funds can be used on the electrical grid, although the Department of Housing and Urban Development has yet to release nearly $2 billion that was allocated for Puerto Rico’s electrical system.

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How is this not a bigger news story? Why is he not releasing aid to them. It’s part of the US.

If there is any chance Trump won’t be re-elected, it will be over shit like this.

Because this guy’s incompetence way out on that island is totally Trump’s fault somehow.

I’ll grant this much: it’s a government screwup.

Sometimes life’s problems are a little more complicated than just saying this.

And all too often it’s really this simple.

It’s a government screwup. A local government screwup. It’s on the Puerto Rican government.

Don’t they know it’s Trump’s fault?