Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia

Worth noting a few things here

For one, we don’t know how much oil Saudi Arabia has left, but it is a finite resource

Second, since their economy is based on oil, obviously a higher price benefits them

Not to mention the domestic political gains of sticking it to the US. Or the personal satisfaction. Sure, MBS doesn’t need an election, but he does need a compliant population

They’re making a push to attract foreign investors and boosting SMEs. I’m seeing more people in the entrepreneurial sphere interested but I’m still very skeptical.

Won’t happen until they reform bankruptcy law in Saudi…it’s archaic and uber-risk adverse…

And startups? The same incubators they were puffing up when I was there are still being touted like camel sellers in heat–like 7 years after I left.

I thought the startup mantra was fail fast, fail often…I could tell you numerous fucked up startup stories from these medieval jackasses.

How many accelerators and STEM events pushing the same shit PR by fascist Western fluffers? The sad reality is the Saudis can’t differentiate and determine talent. As a result, often similar to some Taiwan laobans in education, they prefer the foreign clowns. Anyone who truly believes in capitalism, individualism and creative collisions should stay the fuck away.

Abdullah was a really good King (Rashidi side) but the Sudairi side of the Sauds??? :laughing:

Taiwan impressed me in high tech…The Saudis, for the most part, absolutely fucking disgusted me in their hypocrisy. Would love to see the Free Princes movement re-emerge: Free Princes Movement - Wikipedia

Mercenary and unprincipled expats abound.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese negotiated detente didn’t last

The way the Saudis treat the Shia in the Eastern Province is a fucking crime.

This book is quite good (have a copy of it).