Measles vaccine to get ARC? Can't find it in any hospital!

I am applying for the Resident Visa and ARC, so today I received the result of my Health Check, which is a requirement to do the process.

However my test result says “Failed” because I am “negative” at Measles Antibody. The problem is that already in three hospitals they told me that they don’t have the vaccine and that hospitals in Taiwan are short of provisions for measles!

Does anybody have any idea about how to get it? Anybody with a similar problem?

Maybe a trip to Hong Kong? Taiwan has a shortage of vaccine against measles and what there is goes to children who are in the vaccination scheme.

Was in the hospital myself today and also saw the sign.

If you read Chinese

List of hospitals providing self paid MMR vaccine as of 2019May14


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First time I heard something like that. And then people blame the anti vaxxers for the epidemics problems…

Thank you for the list!!! You just saved me!

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Before taking the trip to Hong Kong or you’re stuck a bit far from a participating hospital, check out your county or villages health department. I found that the general public could get vaccines there while I was taking my kids there for scheduled vaccinations. It’s been a few years so I’m not sure if it is still so.

at this moment, there still is enough vaccine for scheduled kids, but severe shortage for self paid patients. I think it is highly possible that hospitals not on the list do not have a vaccine for self paid.

Week ago I contacted Adventist Hospital, International priority center. I need vaccine for my 6 months old son because we are traveling to Europe. Normally kids have measles vaccine after 1 year old. They told me they have it but registration is 1700ntd and vaccine between 4000-6000ntd. Then I called every hospital and clinic in Taipei and all said they don’t have it but will get new shipment in July. Finally we visited our great pediatrician in Chang Gung Memorial hospital and he said we are extremely lucky because there were one kid who got in line for vaccine but parents called that they have to leave country that day so we got it for free.

Makay hospital near shuanlian MRT provides MMR vaccines. I had it done there as a part of the process to get a green card.

Anyone who is teaching kids should get the vaccine or make sure they are up to date. A friend of mine working at one of the most posh expensive kindergarten in Taipei came face to face with the infection as a parent deemed right to send their bundle of joy with polka dotted face to class. But no one at school told my friend the truth when she asked if that was really actually measles. Cluster got 5 more kids.

Now my friend’s closest friend and neighbor just had a baby. See the problem?