Meat and nut breaky? Does this work?

So I read about this the other day Meat and Nut Breakfast

Anyone ever tried something like this? I’m thinking of giving it a shot, but am at a loss for what could be substituted for buffalo and turkey burgers.

Whether or not this is a good idea depends on your fitness goal. Just trying something you hear about won’t make a difference if it isn’t congruent with your goal and current situation.

About the article, I see a couple of problems. First of all, this:

I’m a big fan of Charles Poliquin, the coach quoted in the article. But this simply isn’t true. There’s no evidence that you will become allergic to somethig you eat frequently. Besides, even with beef you can vary the cut you eat, the source of the beef, etc.

Second he doesn’t like supplements but that’s the author’s bias. Protein supplements like whey are an excellent way to vary your protein source. Also comparing the amount and quality of protein you get per serving to the calorie count in whey, you get a much better deal calorically than in most whole food sources. Most whey powders are around 23g of protein for about 110 calories. Nothing else gives so much protein for so few calories.

This article looks like a case of good info – vary your protein sources – that has gotten out of hand.

Dropping the breakfast carbs is one of the strategies I use with fat loss clients. I have them go to the breakfast shop on the corner and get three scrambled eggs (san ge chaodan). Another option is cooking yourself. Cooking an extra portion of meat at night and warming it up the next morning isn’t hard to do. I add that to a couple of scrambled eggs and I’m good to go.

BTW, you might be surprised what your local butcher can get a hold of. Deer meat from the Australia and mountain pig from the aboriginals are all possible here.

Thanks much. My goal right now is slimming down and toning up the muscles, which seems to pretty much in line with this program.

I’m not worried about allergies, food is pretty much the only thing I’m not allergic to. :smiley:

Haha. Understood. Let us know how it goes!