Meat Pies

Jason’s Supermarket in Taipei 101 sell Vili’s meat pies, a South Australian pie. Not bad and better than nothing. I just polished one off with a shitload of dead horse :smiley: . $NT99, and better than a kick up the arse. Happy eating. I’ll save the sausage roll for suppa :wink:

My friend tells me that there is a chain of baker’s shops which has an outlet in the basement of the Chungyo (Zhongyo) and also in the Shinkong Mitsukoshi (Xinguang Sanyue) department store. He says their pies are good. The chicken one is a bit dry but the curry one is great according to him. I want to try them and when I do I’ll post my opinion here.

The Taichung pie man advertised in yesterday’s China Post. Once I buy my freezer or a decent fridge Ill place an order there

Thanks! An instant addition to my bookmarks.
Don’t know whether that’s the same person that supplies those department stores. My friend said they were like bakers’ outlets with the full range of bakery products, so maybe not.

Of course you could get your pie (from the Taizhong pieman) steaming hot with chips at Bobwundaye’s, the best bar in town.


They’re very small little pies at Bob and Dave’s. :slight_smile:
Need HP sauce.

Why is meat pies in miscellaneous? Trying to keep it a secret?

They’ve apparently found another source. . . and I suggest you change sauces, HP? What for an Aussie pie?

Them littley things be the pies from Pete da pieman.


Super deep grave dig!

Meat pies: Churchill’s Sausages has a stall in the main floor of the Zhishan-Tianmu Carrefour (back corner sort of, in a pre-made food deli corner that I’d avoided for years because, well, Taiwan), and they sell both freshly cooked and frozen meat pies. Steak and kidney, steak and ale, beef and onion, and probably other flavors I’m forgetting. Also sausage rolls and puffs. NT$129 for a frozen pie; haven’t tried them yet. Oh, and they sell freshly cooked fish and chips too, mostly available just on weekends.

Churchill’s sausages have been available at plenty of the higher-end supermarkets for years, but this stall is the first place I’ve seen their pies. I’m not sure if they’re available elsewhere.

EDIT: Oh, I see from their Facebook page that they’ve recently started delivering freshly cooked and frozen goods, Taipei City only.


Had one of their steak and ale pies the other day. Big chunks of steak, really good and filling


There’s supposed to be a place selling the dog’s eye at the Taichung bus transfer station; at least according to the signs outside. I couldn’t find it inside though.