Medical Chinese Translation - URGENT!

I’m working on a medical translation, and got a little stuck on this part:

視反應 a波完全抑制。
記錄中見散在性中電位,尖波,棘波。過渡換氣試驗亦見高電位2.5-3 周/秒,尖慢波。



視反應 a波完全抑制。
記錄中見散在性中電位,尖波,棘波。過渡換氣試驗亦見高電位2.5-3 周/秒,尖慢波。

The topic is brain waves.

過渡換氣 hyperventilation.
尖波sharp wave
棘徐波叢 spike and slow wave complex
a波 alpha waves - similarly b for beta, d for delta, t for theta
週/秒 Hertz (Hz) = cycles per second (unit of frequency)
低電位 low voltage
散在性 scattered
基本電節律 basic electrical rhythm = 慢波電位 slow wave potential
i.e. 電位 could be translated as voltage or potential
抑制 suppress/suppressed/suppression

(All vocabulary found by inspired guesswork confirmed by Google.)

Sorry, doing this on an empty stomach and going hypoglyemic. I will have to leave it to you to put it together!

That was very helpful. Thanks, Juba! :slight_smile: