Medical situation while traveling in Australia

Sydney, Melbourne overrated.

I hear the train ride is quite scenic. :upside_down_face:

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Agree…esp with the smoke pollution lately and increased crime in Melb. I think they should lock the gates soon! :thinking:

Did anyone answer this question? Because Australia has been sending their refugees to Taiwan for medical care. I’d be interested in knowing if part of the agreement includes this now.

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Sydney CBD much better today. Only 161 AQI “Unhealthy” presently but improving, or 39 depending where you are near water! Southerly change overnight blew most of it out of town! :rofl: thank g*d

Well my pal says she still has a bad headache but it could be because of the bad air, she thinks.

She is very disappointed indeed. She asked why is it so bad when it is a yearly thing. Well, this year it is especially bad.
Australia signed a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan in 2017 to provide medical treatment for asylum seekers detained on Nauru, in an effort to prevent people indefinitely detained on the island from applying for a medical transfer to Australia.

I presume for Australia (not wanting refugees arriving illegally and based on the mainland, its good for them to send them overseas such as Taiwan (refer to article) to stop them trying to settle here. As the article mentions language barrier is an issue.


Yes, headache symptoms are felt here due to smoke. Really bad this year. Climate change or just the way Australia is, drying out! not enough rain, farmers doing it tough, not much you can do apart from staying away for now or go to somewhere where there is no smoke! 'That is the fun of traveling. If you are traveling here, wear a proper face mask if necessary and feel sorry for the people who are having their life affected such as loss of house, income or life! sucks :slightly_frowning_face:


I knew about that however I am wondering if there were any other additional items added to the agreement.

In my opinion, worst time of year to go, not necessarily due to the bad air, which is a new thing, but the temperature. :slight_smile:

For some people it’s the best time of year! :sun_with_face::beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:


Why does everyone keep telling me the tickets are cheap? This is a school arranged trip, maybe they got group fare, but certainly it should not prevent them from changing dates and leaving early because of a natural disaster of sorts. Tickets ain’t cheap!

BTW my pal also noted that storefronts have Chinese characters, products and restaurants are Chinese…And it is not Chinatown. All Sydney. The world is being taken over by China! :runaway:

Comment retracted, understood your point there.

They are minting 100,000 new residents a year, mainly from Mainland China, although maybe a growing number from Europe. Most of these settling in Sydney or Melbourne. And Taiwan thinks they are multicultural, laugh out loud.

Funny most storefronts are traditional characters.

I wonder how all «Chinese» groups get along.