Medicals for University in Taiwan

If you want to study at a University here you nbeed a medical exam.

What kind? Same as an ARC medical?

WHere to go? Ren Ai?

Ask for what?

How long for the results?



you need a different kind of medical for different kinds of things … the arc one was simplified a little a year ago. what you need for school is not so difficult as for a marriage visa, as they let me use my marriage visa one for it. i would imagine that a decent hospital in taipei should know what you need, however … probably depends on who is at the desk that day. why not ask the school you are looking at attending? they should (might) know.

hope it helps.

It depends, really…if you need a medical certificate to apply to university, then I suppose Ren’ai would be a quick and fairly cheap way to do it, if you don’t mind being pumped full of X-rays for no particular reason.

If it has to do with a medical exam AFTER you get into school, I managed to duck out of mine for 2 years while I was in grad school at Fujen. I just stood there and refused on the grounds that I wasn’t going to expose myself to radiation for no reason (chest X-ray for TB, just because most Asians give false readings on a tine test, while Westerners do not for some reason). They just shrugged and it never did get done, and meanwhile I’ve finished the degree and graduated. Same with the whole bunch of forms I was supposed to fill out for the “Foreign Student Office”: “What are your hobbies? Where did you grow up? What is your blood type” ad nauseum. Never did turn 'em in, and no one ever figured it out.

I never had to get one for NTU. They listed it as a requirement for foreign students, but when I went to go register and asked them if they wanted the medical exam form (I had already gotten it done at Ren Ai Hospital), they said “no” because I took the entrance exam (as opposed to simply applying, which most other departments except for mine do for foreign students). So, apparently, if you can pass the Chinese literature entrance exam you couldn’t possibly have TB, HIV, or be a drug addict … :unamused:

Of course, LB…when would you have had a chance to be infected with anything? You would have had to be holed up in your study day and night since the age of three, writing characters. :smiley:

Anyway, we know you’re OK after the patented Ren’ai “I’ll look at you with your T-shirt on and then mysteriously know that your heart, stomach, liver, pancreas, and assorted other organs are all normal. Shall I check them off for you on the medical form? There, that’s good.” treatment.