Medicare, choices and freedom

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Don’t give Bernie or Warren any ideas.

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Hahha. What’s wrong with them?

Nothing, if you like bread lines and authoritarian rule.

Oh wow. Is that what they are advocating? I didnt see that on the news lately.

Directly, no. But they want to take away my health insurance and make me get a government run one…and they want to increase government spending by somewhere between 20-50 trillion dollars…and they want to curtail free speech…so while my post was hyperbolic, it is rooted in truth.

That sounds pretty good! Aren’t insurance companies primarily for-profit?

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Why is that relevant? Who will give me the better service? Why can’t I choose the service I want? If Medicare is really better, why would 140 million people choose to keep another form?

Well I guess a for-profit company’s first priority would be their bottom line. No? It doesn’t sound like they would have my interests at heart. Almost sounds like a conflict of interest.

If 140 000 000 people are choosing against it, wouldn’t that leave 180 000 000 that are choosing for it? I thought choice was a good thing?

This doesn’t make any sense. Companies want to make money. They make money by having more efficiency, better service, better prices or any combination of those that a consumer chooses to purchase. When a government has a monopoly on a service, all those incentives are removed and you get what you get with no recourse.

OK, you’re just trolling now. I’m advocating for choice. You’re arguing against it. If we want Medicare for all who want it (what we used to call a public option), I am not opposed on principle. I would want to see details, but this is a real discussion. Bernie and Warren want to take away choice.

Also, there are about 44 million people on Medicare, and I doubt that any statistically significant percentage of them chose this over a private insurance plan that they could afford.

I don’t think I’m trolling. I just asked valid questions. You seem to have solid arguments and I wanna hear. The US has 327 million people. No? I didn’t argue against choice. Where did I say that?

That certainly seems like a very interesting point. Are they planning to ban private insurers?

Doubt doesn’t really sound confident. Are they banned from buying private insurance? Are they forced to get medicare against their will?

This is why I said you were arguing against choice. If I misunderstood your meaning, I apologize.

Yes. That is why Biden and Buttigieg are arguing for Medicare for All Who Want It, rather than Medicare for All.

Funny pictures guys, not political debate.

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Will there be gluten-free bread tho?

I am quite confident that they are not getting Medicare rather than a private insurance plan they can afford. However, I can’t link to a report or a stat, so this remains my opinion.

You couldn’t leave my initial, on-topic joke in there? In the vast majority of cases those are allowed to stay.

But…but aren’t you using one now? In Taiwan? :thinking:

And make you? Bit of hyperbole if you ask me. America really really likes their loopholes and capitalism so I’m certain if we went to single payer someone will offer a way to avoid the government sponsored one.

We are juggling the best place for the thread, @Marco will create a new thread.

No, I am not.

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