Medicare Insurance in US

I’m hoping someone here has had good success/understanding of the medicare insurance in the States as my lovely wife will be arriving this Saturday and I’m scramblng to find appropriate insurance to buy for her before her arrival…

My stupid (or rather I was the stupid one) company’s policy whenever there is a change in status (ie. single --> married, childless --> children, promotions/change in salaries, etc) is that I must report within 30 days. I got married back in December and didn’t think to ask my HR and assumed that my company would simply add my spouse to my medicare plan when she gets here. NOT SO.

Anyway, that’s the background.

Fast forward to today. I need to find the best medicare plan/Medical Insurance company temporarily until end of year coverage as I can add her for next year this November 09 as we’re then allowed to make modifications at that time each year.

Bloody insurances, it’s impossible to compare apples to apples for each company as there are CO-INSURANCES, Co-pay, Deductibles, In-care, Out-care, Out of network, In network coverage - too many freakin’ choices/combinations. In Canada, it’s quite simple. Here, in the States, they have so many restrictions that it’s driving me nuts to try to compare apples with apples… also, I was told by Blue Cross that my wife may not be qualified to purchase as she wasn’t a resident prior to effective coverage date for 12 months.

I can’t believe getting medical insurance is this difficult!! Any words of wisdom?