Medicine: Traveling issues

[Original Subject: Taking meds in/out of Taiwan]

When I went to the mainland from the US, we were told that prescription medications had to be in their original bottles with the official label. I’m taking my prescriptions that way to Taiwan, but what about stuff like Excedrin, vitamins and herbal capsules? I was planning on dumping them into a zip-lock bag to preserve space and weight. Am I going to get in trouble going into Taiwan or returning to the US if I don’t have the labels?

Thanks! I just don’t want any trouble.

I travel for business regularly and regularly take a selection of drugs, some prescription types and not always labeled very well. In a number of spot checks I have never encountered more than a quick glance at these items.

Herbal medication and Western over-the-counter medicine will not be a problem. Small quantities of prescription drugs will not be a problem, large quatitites if you can establish you have some illness that needs treatment (I for example am a diabetic, I sometimes buy special types of Insulin in the USA and bring it back to Taiwan. Not a problem).

What I would avoid would be buying prescription drugs here (which can be obtained over the counter) and then taking them elsewhere, especially anything that could be construed to have recreational value.

Frankly I think if you will get trouble anywhere it will be entering Western countries, not Taiwan!

Thanks, Malkie! That’s exactly what I needed to know.