Meditation class

Does anybody out there know where meditation classes may be offered weekdays or afternoons? Any info would be appreciated

Try Texound. Plenty of meditating going on in there, last time I noticed.


P.S. Wear a white shirt, if you know what I mean.

There is a famous Chan Buddhist master in the Bei Tou area. Chan is like Chinese Zen. They have sittings on Saturday mornings at the monastary in Bei Tou at an 8am -11am time slot. I forgot the web site but do a search for Chan Buddhism and Taiwan and you will find it… Good luck


The above poster is talking about Nong Chan Monastery in Beitou. It’s on Sunday mornings, not Saturday and the URL is

Dharma Drum Mountain

Do you know if this monastery offers instruction in English? Does anyone know of places offering meditation and Buddhist instruction in English?

If you attend the Sunday morning sittings 8:00 - 11:00 they are in English. Master Sheng Yen is very highly reckognized for his teachings of Chan/Zen(jp). Anyone who finds themselves in Taiwan and who is also interested in meditation or Buddhism should not miss the opportunity to study under such a world reknowned master.

You can contact the group’s fascilitator at Dharma Drum is probably one of the finest Buddhist organizations to be found in Taiwan or anywhere else and well worth checking out.

Ananda Marga (Indian type meditation and yoga). The address I have here is:
7, Alley 14, Lane 85, Sec. 4, Dingzhou Road, Taibei

Tel: 02 2931 0910 (Dingzhou Road HQ)
Tel/Fax: 02 2723 9022 (Tianmu branch)
Mobile: 0933206444

Anyway, you can get off the MRT at Gongguan and then walk along Roosevelt Road in an out-of-town direction until you come to the Shida Fenbu bus stop, then you turn right until you hit Dingzhou Road where the entrance to the Shida branch school is, then turn left and it is about 20 metres down on the left hand side, hidden behind some trees. Just look out for the nuns and monks in orange clothes. They also have some branches in other parts of Taibei and Taiwan. (The place names might be spelled differently, don’t blame me.)

Has anyone taken the Art of Living meditation courses? … enterID=30

Looking for some feedback before suggesting it for colleagues