Meet Friends in Taipei_or Xan Xia (Taipei&California)

Hi dear friends,
I am an 30 years old Asian Taiwanese girl who grew up in Taipei, but went to California for College, and stayed around the San Francisco bay area for about 6 years. I am both fluent in English and Chinese. I am looking for some open minded friends with foreign experiences. I am a Christian, and enjoy making new friends plus trying new life experiences. I went to University of California, Merced, & UC San Diego, studied Cognitive Science, computer science approach as my undergraduate degree. I love writing English critical essays, writing poetry(whether in Chinese or in English), playing piano(Ragtime, Chopin, Debussy),and learning to compose music.

Concerning my identity, I would say I am half-Americanized in spirit, but genuinely Taiwanese.
When I was in USA, I assimilated into the culture by embracing more freedom and independent thinking from the US education system.
When I am in Taiwan, I can recognize my own culture root and identity, and appreciate it’s relationship with China and the beauty of traditional Chinese culture here, which, on the contrary, luckily did not undergo the cultural revolution in the history.

I also worked as a freelance translator and investor in the past, now a product manager in a foreign trading company.
I am looking for friends or potential partner to empower either my knowledge, or understanding of this world.
Hopefully we can appreciate each other’s companion and share some passion together.
Why not start with a cup of coffee? :slight_smile:

I usually stay in Xan Xia 三峽 from Monday to Friday, and goes back to Shi Da 師大 on weekends.
If you are willing to make a friend, please don’t hesitate to drop me a private message! :slight_smile:
I will reply you with my line.

Let me be the first one to call BS on this.

For instance, “investor” is not a job description.

You might want to post this in “Forumosa Friends”.