Meeting new friends

Hi everyone,

I just moved to Taiwan for about a month now and will be staying until the every end of October. While visiting families and relatives are nice, I’m dying to meet some new friends. Are there any suggestions for me as to where I can go or if there are any clubs/organization I can join to meet new friends? I’m 27 female living in Taipei. This is the first time I’m here in Taiwan over 1-2 months since my family moved from here. So it’s quite a new experience for me.

I play an instrument (viola) and would love to jam with people. I would love to join a community orchestra or even just small quartet/ensemble for fun. I also love to go scuba diving if there are anyone else also interested!! I also love to travel and explore new places…would love to travel around Taiwan and take pictures of different places and culture. I love to take pictures although I’m still quite an amateur.

If anyone is interested in hanging out sometimes, let me know!! Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :pray:

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Hi purejunie, I just PM’d you. In reference to your scuba diving hobby, I know a lot of people go to Kending to scuba dive. Its in the southern tip of Taiwan and the beaches there are pretty nice. Scuba diving is actually something I really want to try as well but I have yet gotten a license for it.

You should definitely try it! It’s like another world down there… I got my license in the states where you take a 4 hr class then 4 dives (usually 2 dives in one day) and then you’re done. I’m not sure how it’s done here. I haven’t gone diving in Asia before, so it may not be as nice. I heard scuba diving in Taiwan is only so-so… I would love to go to the Philippines to dive (I heard it’s one of the best sites in the world). My cousin and I are planning to go to Kenting to dive sometimes this month. Would you like to join us?

I think you should work on combining the viola with the scuba diving. The world needs more underwater chamber music. :roflmao:

That would be quite interesting but :no-no: lol