Meeting people, socialise, friends... where to start?

Trust me I know how this feels. I was very jaded by the time I left the first time around. But then the perspective of being away for awhile, and I got older and stopped caring so much. If someone wants to speak English so bad go for it, but if they are impeding the conversation so much and wasting my time, I’m going to tell them. Or keep asking them in Chinese if this is what they are trying to say. Or simply telling them I don’t understand what they are saying. For even the most ardent English learners, they get tired of having to clarify themselves and I get tired of them wasting my time. All my coworkers and friends are not like this and I don’t waste much time on random strangers.

Most young people don’t speak Taiwanese all over the island. For the ones that switch in Taiwanese, it tends to be basic Taiwanese which you absorb over time. Plenty of times I’ve had the taxi driver speaking Taiwanese and I respond in Mandarin.

Have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change. Every single country in east Asia is like this, and Taiwan seems to be the least dramatic compared to Korea, China, Japan. I’ll always be a foreigner so fucking what. There are ignorant people everywhere, but I see the Taiwanese getting better over time. I’m often surprised at how little difference there is in the interactions I have with friends, family, coworkers vs. back home. I am not an outsider in my social circle of family, friends, coworkers. I am the only foreigner in my office, my family, and my close friends. I know very few foreigners here, and don’t feel like an outsider in my own circle. Everyone else can piss off.


I have a similar situation but I don’t like being boxed in either. And I get very tired of being the only foreigner in most things that I do. Not only the only Westerner,. the only foreigner. It gets very tedious sometimes .

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Gaelic footy mate, more foreigners than you can shake a stick at!

Not really what I mean ,just general society here. Im kind of done with it. I have many things I want to do but invariably there are a lot of roadblocks thrown up.
Most years I can fly around and get the more cosmopolitan interaction I like outside of Taiwan . Thanks for the suggestion though.