Meeting Room for Rent?

I’m looking for a reasonably priced (say NT$ 3000 an hour or less) meeting room. All I need is tables, chairs and a white board if possible. It’s just for informal meetings so don’t want to spend a lot on the rent. Need it for 3 hours every Saturday. Not too fussy about the location. Needs to hold up to 15 people. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I know hotels here have these for rent. I am not sure about pricing, but I am pretty sure it depends on the class of the hotel. I think you can find something neat at that price.

My apartment block has a conference room that i have unlimited use of. White board, ohp, etc… Situated 5 minutes from Nanshijiao MRT.

It’s unlikely to get a meeting room at any decent hotel at NT3,000/ hr. If it’s just for informal meetings, you can probably try xinyi sports center. They used to rent out their meeting rooms, not sure if they still do. Or you can check out service offices, they might not be open on the weekends though. I suggest you check out sports centers and citizen centers at that price range.

try them…i have asked the one in Taichunt. They can offer the price under 3000ntd for the numers of people you request. But you might need to speak Mandarin as I think they might not be fluent enough to speak in English. Good luck!