Mel C

Why does Mel C go by that name instead of her real name Melanie Chisolm? Saw her on MTV today, nice voice.

That was what she was called while in the Spice Girls to differenciate her from the other Mel, Mel B.

Victoria, Emma, Geri, Mel B, Mel C. It would be confusing if it was Mel & Mel.

Because “Chisolm” sounds too much like “Jissim”.

Nice voice, shame about the face though. And the being one of the Spice Girls.

Yeah, but you would still hit that.

I’d say it looks like she’s been hit too many times.

Whenever I heard “Baby when you’re gone”, Bryan Adam’s song duet with Melanie C, I thought the way she sings is cool and wondered how she looks like. Oh…I didn’t want to see her photo. I don’t know why, but I imagined that she looks like Sheryl Crow.

Yeah, but you would still hit that.[/quote]
In the face with a shovel maybe.