Men bare their souls in Penis Monologues

I guess its just an example of one of the laws of physics…the ol’ action/reaction thing.

[quote]Men bare their souls in Penis Monologues
Sabrina Hamilton, Issue date: 3/31/06 Section: News

The Penis Monologues, a series of witty, one-man acts – a twist on the honest, satirical spirit of the Vagina Monologues – highlighted Theater for Engineers’ Spring Show, performed in the College of Arts and Sciences building Thursday in front of about 40 students.
School of Education senior Nathan Fein said the spin-off to The Vagina Monologues was about “celebrating all stereotypes about men’s penises.”
“The show’s not disrespectful,” he said. “We’re exploring the penis more in-depth in a comical way.”

TFE President Patricia Ramsey said she was satisfied with the event, though a better venue with a bigger stage and better lighting would have enhanced the performance.more at link[/quote]
I guess more room and better lighting are always a plus!