Men want to ravish and women want to be ravished.Consensual!

I have a friend who worked at some of the Dr John Gray ‘Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus’ workshops. This statement was part of the workshop. We are talking about an established relationship and consensual sex only.

Writing the alphabet with your tongue on the clitoris was another part. But, I’d like to stick with the first statement. Is this a simple truism?

I wonder what the subject line of your mum’s next e-mail is going to be, Ironman. :slight_smile:

Bloody hell Straydog. I wandered why you had an answer so quickly.

I really hope she stays off here. The alphabet could be worse than the ‘bend over the table’ job. Not my idea though so maybe it’s okay?

Not all men want to ravish (even if you beg them to). Have never slept with a woman, so can’t really say anything about them.

Define ‘ravished’ for me because to me there’s a fine line btw that and kinky sex,rape,or S&M…Is being ravished suppose to mean, swept up in the rapture of passion? Hmm, if so, do you have Brad Pitt’s,Tom Cruise’s,Jeff Daniels’s,Micheal Douglas’s,Denzel Washington’s or Takashi Kaneshiro’s phone number, because yes, then I like to be ravished. Otherwise, order a pizza,clean the dishes for me and I’d be fine. :wink:

I think you got it right Namohottie. Good old fashioned consensual ravishing without a visit to the sex shop or hardware store for accessories.

I like to be ravished. Doesn’t happen nearly often enough though.

Please please me the way I please you.

Hellz yeah.

Argh! Argh!

Preeetty please!

…Is this a simple truism?[/quote]

Yes…but of course it all depends on who’s doing the ravishing.

I wish that big hunk of love 914 would hurry back to Taiwan and start ravishing me again. And he better not be ravishing any other women over there in Canada!

He doesn’t have nearly enough time for any of that – he’s too busy hunting for my moose.

He doesn’t have nearly enough time for any of that – he’s too busy hunting for my moose.[/quote]
Erhu hunny, I’m busy eating oysters so I can ravish you upon my return. Airport. Flowers. Commando.

Sandman, moose (meese?) are in SASKATCHEWAN! There are no moose here. They’re like available, unattached, rich, tall, dark, delicious men. You hear about them, you know they exist, but you never actually see them.

To ravish or be ravished is always the start of a good day

Dammit, how am I supposed to charm the ladies at the next happy hour without a 2,000-pound semi-aquatic herbivore?

Now that we know your true feelings about moose (mooses?) its probably just as well you’re not out hunting them – I’d hate for you to be arrested for gross indecency on my account. :wink:

I remember from Psych class. The number one sexual fantasy for men is…rape. And the number one sexual fantasy for women is…erm…rape.

Care to back that up with a source? The name of the study?

That was roughly 12 years ago. I was doing and dealing heavily in those days…I barely remember the name of my school. I’ll search around…hold on.

Main elements of anonymously reported sexual fantasies (in percentages)

Fantasies Men / (N=291) Women (N=409)
Group sex 31 15
Voyeuristic / fetishistic 18 7
Steady partner incorporated 14 21
Identified people (other than partner) 8 8
Setting romantic/exotic 4 15
Rape/force 4 13
Sado-masochism 7 7
None 5 12
Everything 3 0
No answer 21 19 [/quote]Glenn Wilson, The Great Sex Divide, pp. 10-14. Peter Owen (London) 1989; Scott-Townsend (Washington D.C.) 1992.

So that makes rape the 6th most common for men, and 5th for women – hardly first…

[quote]The most common male fantasies include:

having sex with an existing partner
giving and receiving oral sex
having sex with more than one person
being dominant
being passive and submissive
reliving a previous experience
watching others make love
trying new sexual positions

The most common female fantasies include:

having sex with an existing partner
giving and receiving oral sex
having sex with a new partner
romantic or exotic locations
doing something forbidden
being submissive
reliving a previous experience
being found irresistible
trying new sexual positions[/quote]

hmm, no mention of rape here…

Will that study still puts rape in womens top five fantasies and placed it even higher than it does for men. Which makes my initial point valid. Thanks for that. Don’t forget I was talking about a class 12 years ago…that was probably discussing a survey that was done years before that. Things change.

Here is a discussion forum where some people are talking about it: … 06238.html

I’m not sure what your point is. 13 women out of 409 reported fantasizing about rape. That’s 3% of the women polled. Hardly the huge numbers that you are implying.

Just so we’re clear, when I said I wanted to be “ravished”, I was NOT talking about rape. One of the definitions of “ravish” is:

Ravish me with flowers, poetry, gifts, dinners. Show a little bit of dominance- OK. But rape? No f***ing way!