Men's chain necklace in Taipei

There are many places that sell jewelry in Taipei but i’ve only seen ones that sell stuff like zodiac pendents and things of that nature. I also know there are some places that sell similar stuff in Ximending but I’m looking to for a more reputable place. I’m looking for a solid gold/Silver chain, such as a cuban link thats not one of those fancy designer ones. Just a simple chain. Anyone know any places in Taipei like that? … F5ZmLg!2e0

they have a pretty big selection of stuff. There is another store on the main street, when you get off of bus 262 next to the soybean shop… but I didnt shop there.
The google maps… actually there are two stores there now. I dont think they speak english very well though. Good luck shopping.

Just don’t overdo it :slight_smile:

No, anything I would want in Gold is way to expansive. Is there anywhere to find cuban linked chained in sterling silver around taipei. I heard Ximen has some places. Is there any other popular places for jewelry.

Just curious if you found anything. Have you thought of titanium chains? They’re lighter and stronger than silver and most likely won’t be affected by sweat. Silver tends to tarnish when mixed with sweat.