Merc taxi service at CKS?

Way back in the day, the first time I came into CKS airport, a friend had arranged a pick up service for me. It was a Merc. The driver had white gloves. It was a pretty sweet way to enter the country, better than a cracked out speed demon in a crappy old cab that reeks of bing lung at least.

So now i’m in the position to return the favor. But I can’t find the number anywhere. :help:

Have someone search online in Chinese for you, there are many of these companies in Taiwan. Make sure to ask if the drivers wear gloves and what year and make the Mercedes is. Specify if you are looking for an old S Class or the new S Class. Check the prices. Not too much. Make sure they are CHEAPER than the hotel pickup services like at the Grand Hyatt or Far Eastern or Regeant Hotels. If not, just try to use them if possible.

We use Fei Mao through work. Costs about NT$1200 one way. They typically use a variety of Mercs various ages of S class - but have also got a Volvo and Daimler.

I have also used them to go pick up people - ie bring me to the airport, pick up the missus and take us home - NT$1600 for that.

Phone number is 02-2322-3773 - English poor.