Merry Christmas, everyone!

Happy Christmas to all my fine fellow F.commers!

What are you planning to do today?

Merry Xmas all.

God bless us, every one!

Merry Christmas!

Melly Clistmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

I was planning to stay indoors with the Pixie and some mulled wine while the three feet of snow I ordered blanketed the city and canceled work. As it is, looks like I’ll put in a couple of shifts and get home for a too rare quiet evening, some wholly in appropriate Christmas dinner – Yule time wasabi anyone? – and get online for another three-part family Christmas with my sister in London and folks in Vancouver. With each part of the family separated by 8 hours, we have these long, rolling holidays.

Happily, after complaining about the lack last night, I actually started to get in the swing of the holiday. If that feeling only lasted a few hours, what of it.

Merry Christmas all. :rainbow:

merry xmas.

We got up a little early this morning, put on some music, and opened Christmas presents from the grandparents with young Hobbes before we went to work. He’s still at the age where the wrapping paper is almost as exciting as the gifts, so a floor strewn with crinkly paper and colorful ribbons made for a very happy morning. :yay:

Merry Christmas everyone! :candycane:


Merry Christmas to all!
The turkey’s in the oven, the pumpkin pies are baked and the sides are almost ready to go. I suddenly realized that I forgot to put up the tree!

After an early dinner with my Dad, brother and a few friends this afternoon I’ll waddle my way to work and then off to a small gathering later in the evening.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and all the best over the holiday!

Tika :candycane:

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Just staying in as much as possible because I came back from a 3-day holiday in Singapore with a nasty cold. Though I blame the over-the-top air conditioning at Taoyuan airport on my way out Saturday morning.

So just a lot of Internet fun and Kleenex for me this Christmas.

I’m planning to respond to email I just got from HR.

After that I’m going to ram a chopstick into my forehead to calm down, relax, and enjoy the day.

A very Merry Christmas to You & Yours Omni!

Omni (“hoverer” to his close friends) asked: [quote]What are you planning to do today?[/quote]

Well, recovering with a couple of TB even-keelers. Yesterday I directed and acted in a nativity play. It was a new take on the story of the birth of Christ, this time the shepherd and sheep taking center stage. Anyway, the post play drinking session got a bit weird.

Today I’m packing. I’m leaving the bright lights of Chiayi City and heading to Taibao (Chiayi County).

A lovely warm day down here. Hope you chaps up north get a bit of sun too.

Merry Christmas!

May the spirit of the Lord fill your hearts with peace, love, and joy!

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]Merry Christmas!

May the spirit of the Lord fill your hearts with peace, love, and joy![/quote]


Merry xmas RDO! :rainbow:

Greasons Seetings!
Best Wishes To You & Yours for 2008!

That was my best ever Christmas Day in Taiwan! I didn’t do anything remotely Christmassy, but had a whale of a time, including swimming and soaking in river water, seawater, and hot-spring water.

After having a swim in the river on Christmas morning, I took the wife to spend the night at the Leo Ocean Resort in Ilan, as effusively described here for Topics magazine by Joshua Samuel Brown when it was called “Leo Club” and before it added a brownish and slightly sulphury hot spring (tapped from under the sea) to its attractions. I’ve been meaning to go there ever since Mucha Man wrote about it in a thread I can’t locate in the Travel Forum. Much to our surprise, we were the only guests there last night, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We had an ocean-facing room with en suite hot-spring bath (plenty of room for the two of us, and enough for a third if needed). The view was lovely, and we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and the scent of the sea.

Though we were the only patrons in the restaurant, they still provided an excellent seafood feast for the wife and its vegetarian equivalent for me. The whole deal, including the dinner (listed at NT$900 +10% per person), a bottle of wine, and afternoon tea, cost just NT$6,600, which I thought was very good value. The staff were super polite and friendly, and all in all it was as good a hotel experience as I’ve ever had at any price. I highly recommend it, and look forward to going back again at the earliest opportunity.

I had a thimble of Jack Daniel’s on the river which I thought very fine indeed. I awoke at 4am - the call of nature - and as I stuck my head out the tent, the intense light of the moon transformed the camp spot into a winter wonderland: the white-grey slabs of stone looking everything like a frosted landscape back in the old country.

Nothing finer than camping out by a river, blazing fire, the Economits by headlight, on the 25th of December.

Though I could happily swap with Omni.

Jesus. Ever heard of magic mushrooms.