Mesa Grill Taipei - Food & Service

The Hao Chi Food Club just had its June gathering there. By all accounts it was deliciously received. Chef Maggie definitely gave us a food lover’s treat.

We started with bruschetta, salad, and potato au gratin appetizers. Then the huge cut of NY Strip steak done medium-rare served with roasted potatos had by most of the guests. For the other entree, a fresh thin grouper type of fish was served over a bed of super creamy mashed potatos and spinach. Dessert was coffee/tea and creme brulee. Wine served was the Frontera, a Chilean by Concha y Toro, that’s gotten very nice reviews.

A sampling of her menu:

  1. Lunch time there’s about 10 different set meals to choose from
  2. Special home made pita
  3. Pastas:
    -Spaghetti Bolognese,
    -Roast Chicken w/ walnuts and cranberries
    -Smoked Salmon with wine sauce
  4. Classic menu:
  • Tenderloin cut steak (her best signature dish)
  • Lamb chops (customer favorite)
  • Seafood catch of the day
  1. Drinks: Carlsberg and Heineken. Wine selection is large, more than half a dozen offerings - Californian red & whites from Kendall Jackson/Columbia Crest, Chile and Argentina

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves there, the food and the warm decor. Service was attentive. Much thanks to Maggie and her staff for hosting the Hao Chi Food Club. We’ll be back. :bravo: :bravo:

It’s easy to find, it’s next to Alleycat’s Lishui Jie at No. 6-2 LiShui Jie beween JinHua and Xinyi Roads. Ph: 2-2391-1555. Open for lunch 11:30am-2:30pm and Dinner 5:30pm-9:00pm. Tuesday - Sunday ; closed Monday.

Sounds great. I had the impression from your earlier posts that it was pretty much a steak place, but it sounds anything but, so I’ll be there soon. Did you happen to ask about vegetarian options?

Chef Maggie does vegetarian, but it’s not on the menu. She knows and is in the process of making some changes to the menu. Give her a call and let her know you’re interested in a veggie dish and she’ll do something on the spot for you. No problem letting her know your preference. And let her know you heard from Forumosa. She’d love to know more of us :slight_smile:

Had their lunch special a couple of weeks ago. They make their pasta el dente, which is a refreshing discovery. I told Maggie never compromise to local taste and overcook the pasta. She said not to worry. She also said Alleycat frequents her place. And that’s a good sign.

Yes, Mesa’s pasta is cooked el dente. There’s a Cajun Chicken Fusilli and a Italian Shrimp Veg Pasta that she does which is great.

They’ve got a very large wine list that’s heavy on the South American offerings but includes Australian, American (and 1 French and Italian and German) selections.

Sample Reds:
Shiraz-Malbec, Trivento, Mendoza, Argentina
Grenache-Shiraz-Mouvedre, Stump Jump D’arenberg, Australia
Ginesetet Rouge, Maison Ginestet, Bourdeaux A.C.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Diablo, Concha y Toro, Maipo Valley, Chile
Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Crest, Columbia Valley, US

Sample Whites:
Blue Riesling QbA, Schmitt Sohue, Germany
Semillon-Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson, USA
Chardonnay-Pino Grigio-Pinot Blanc Trio, Concha Y Toro, Chile

A liquid meal is just as nice methinks :sunglasses: :laughing:

Until they get a proper website set up, people can forward email to them at this address:

Excuse my complete culinary ignorance…but what does theat mean in english?

Excuse my complete culinary ignorance…but what does theat mean in English?[/quote]

“with teeth” ???

Excuse my complete culinary ignorance…but what does theat mean in English?[/quote]

Sorry, for one, it should be pasta al dente :blush:. It means pasta cooked not overly soft (and gooey). It should have a little firmness to it when chewed.

Some folks are pretty picky when it comes to their pasta… that it should be done (properly) this way. I’m not a pasta Nazi so I’m okay either way but prefer al dente.

Ahhh…ok…Yes, that’s the way I like my pasta.

Excuse my complete culinary ignorance…but what does theat mean in English?[/quote]

al dente-
I always heard it meant - “to the tooth”, a bit firm, not mushy soft. Pasta will continue cooking after its drained, so you don’t fully cook it in the pot. Then when you add the rest of the ingriedients it will come out “O so delicioso!”
Bon apetito! … tnG=Search

The steak there was fabulous and so was the creme brulee. Prices were pretty reasonable for a Western style restaurant. I’ll be back to check out their lunch specials. Looking forward to trying the pasta al dente! Yum!

p.s. They’ve also got a full Hello Kitty set on the fridge for all to admire. :smiley:

Yep, at least twice a week. Although it’s convenient for me, I really enjoy the food, especially Maggie’s tomato soup, her salmon pesto pasta, and her lamb chops.

This week I had the NY strip. Wow, what a hunk of love.

I like Mesa because they are honest. Meaning, a lot of hard work and quality ingredients go into their delicious menu.

Folks can check out some of Mesa’s offerings. Main page HERE