'Message undeliverable' messages from strangers?

I use Yahoo for emailing. I frequently get these messages “Your mail could not be sent”, “Your message was undeliverable” or whatever; however, the recipients of the messages I supposedly sent are strangers!

I’m pretty sure these aren’t spam trolls trying to lure me into replying (what dumbass would reply to that?); I think they’re legitimate messages from Yahoo. I’m guessing someone is somehow piggy-backing me – using my email to spam, either from my work computer or home computer. I guess that means they have either inserted a Trojan into one of the computers or there’s some bizarre worm-virus that’s in there sending itself to people.

My home computer has AVG and Ad-Aware, so I guess the work computer is the most likely candidate, unless someone has actually stolen my Yahoo password. Any idea what the most likely explanation is and what to do about it?

It’s a trojan or virus … are there any links to websites in the e-mails?

Be carefully! Don’t open them!

welcome to the club.

I get about 50 or so of these a day.

What it means, is some asshole scum sucking wanker spammer is using your email as the ‘sender’ on his spam lists. Any bounced mail due to spamfilters will come back to you - great huh?

Joy of joys, there is not much you can do, except set up a mail filter on your outlook to collect all this shit so it doesn’t go in your inbox. My spam filter also catches heaps of it due to the content.

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here is the best email filtering guide I have read on the web. This guy is sharp, but explains things simply.

I see his site (blackviper.com) is down and has been for the last 6 months. Sad, he taught me rots about XP.

Thankfully it’s in the archives. :slight_smile: