Metal scene

Is there an active metal scene in Taipei? I am looking for places (bars/clubs…) and people to go there with (or just hang out^^)

@Taiwan_Luthiers may know as he started a thread on it.


Thank you, is he notified, because you mentioned him or should i write him a message? (new to this forum)

He may appear. He is a true luthier, too.
Can always PM him. He’s a good forumer.


honestly I haven’t been in that scene for a while. So I don’t know if things have changed.

Check out Revolver.

There used to be some shows in the Ximending area but sadly I haven’t been around there in a bit.

Been there, used to have a customer who would have me pick up work there (he’d pay for the MRT ride too, when they didn’t have a month pass back then).

Revolver is basically a hole in the wall bar with a high class restaurant price. Every now and then a local band will play there, with varying quality.

That’s about the extent of the metal scene in Taiwan. You’ll see all kinds of talks of how much things are better overseas (as usual).

But fact is music scene in Taiwan is generally limited to pop bands that are massively famous but meh quality, and various independent bands that only exist because they are rich (as in they’re paid peanuts given the amount of investment that went into it).


And I thought there was a big Death Metal scene here. Not my thing but thought it was big here.

He said metal, not mental…


Yeah the music scene in Taiwan unfortunately fucking blows. Every now and then we get somebody cool but for the most part you’ve got to go to Japan for the good shows.

I wish I could attend metal concerts more often… even once a year would be good.

not much better in Austin either, the scene there is mostly blues, been to a bunch of bars on 6th street and it’s either blues or hip pop. No metal at all.

I paid 50 dollars for a Dream Theater ticket and it was at Bass Concert Hall, no mosh pits either.

I rather see local bands. Way less restriction and none of the BS about celebrity status either. Or paying 50 dollars for a T shirt.

Malaysia and Thailand has better scenes if you want to avoid the posh/xenophobic attitudes of the Japanese.

Thanks for your answers, in the next time concerts would be suspended, anyways…
So what about bars and clubs, where no live band is playing but they are just playing music out of the speakers? :wink:

pretty much every bar I am aware of plays music out the speakers, at ear piercing volume I might add…

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Yeah, but i am looking for a bar that plays metal or rock and not just any music :smiley:

What about Rock or Punk at least? :smiley:

Roxy something has that. Or had. I never went there but people used to praise it.

Metal seems to not be a thing except for a very small number of hard core fans. Even in Austin metal wasn’t a thing.

honestly I don’t know what’s worse, mandopop or crappy American pop.

There is a really deep hardcore faithful metal scene in Taiwan. Can’t judge by size because Taiwan and Taipei is small so no large music style has a large identifiable following. They all have fans but there just aren’t a lot of people.

The Wall, used to a the head banger place.

Have a look, report back.

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