#metoo makes sports less fun

Many sports organizations like formula will now remove grid girls or their equivalent like ring girls in boxing because of the ridiculous 3rd wave feminists.


Women’s Sport Trust, a non-profit advocacy group, said in a statement after the darts organization made its announcement:“Sporting viewers are expected to admire the successful, talented, strong men taking part in competition, with the role of women purely based on their physical appearance.”

Does the “Women’s sport trust” know there are sports for females as well?

And do those sports make use of men brought in to play a role purely based on their physical appearance?


Why are men not employed? That sounds like discrimination.


No, because probably no one really watches them anyways. Realistically what is the percentage of female viewership in motor sports and boxing? Men’s brain light up when we see attractive women, it’s scientifically proven. Sports is entertainment at the end, just let us enjoy it. Plus you just took jobs from women who want them.

You mean a bunch of ugly fat women who complains why there’s no good men for them when they haven’t washed their hair in days?


So what? Ibis made the point. I’m just pointing out that it’s not well founded.

Lol. Me? What? Tell it to the men in the suits, or watch something else if you’re not interested in the sport.

Not you, I meant the ridiculous people pushing for this.

It’s a business. The women aren’t an integral part of their presentation. If they feel this is the right business decision for them, I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not surprising either, times change, as the article noted.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable employing women as eye candy because it does seem like I’d be treating them like meat. Where I draw the line though is if women choose to be employed as eye candy elsewhere. That’s their choice, not mine.

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So what’s next? They will force teams to have one female racing on the team? Very few, if any females are realistically going to be able to compete with men in sports at the highest level.

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Lauren-Jade Pope

Longtime grid girl and ring girl

“I’ve been doing this for over eight years now and it should be our choice what we do for work, whether it be this, whether it be hostessing, ring girl duties, we should have the choice. What’s annoying me more than anything is the so called feminists, they are not even really feminists, are defending us without even asking us how we feel, and we’ve lost out jobs because of this. I have been a grid girl for 8 years and I have never felt uncomfortable!No one forces us to do this! This is our choice!”

No one that likes motor sports actually want this!

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I’ll bet you if that happens or not.

Every image of champions in the past. I see them on the top of the podium with the girls popping champagne. I’d say it is an integral part. Fans like it, seems like the drivers like it, the women employed seemed to like it and are getting paid. Who exactly are the people not liking it?

I agree with you. The irony of this situation is that women who were happy about their job, working for an employer who used their services for years, suddenly lost their job because “feminism”.

A “GO GRLS” movement that is causing women to lose jobs is a remarkable achievement, but many people in recent years warned that if hiring women becomes too problematic (everything is sexual harrassment, everything is #metoo, everything is considered a degrading position etc etc) employers will eventually employ fewer and fewer women.

It’s racing. The integral part of their presentation is the racing. Maybe we should look up “integral”

I don’t know and I don’t really care. I’ve simply pointed out that if they feel they don’t want to include models in their presentation, I don’t see what the issue is.

It’s entertainment. The integral part is it makes money being entertaining. Formula one learned their mistake when they tried to switch to more eco friendly V6 engines with turbos and fans and drivers hated it and wanted the louder V8 back.

That’s also like saying ban alcohol for football because of alcoholism and hotdogs for baseball because obesity. Are they “integral” to the game? No but they make it more entertaining and are traditions.

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Because it’s not what the fans, the drivers and the teams or the actual girls want! If the fans and drivers and girls where like let’s get rid of it ok. I’m behind it. But it’s a decision pushed by modern feminists who don’t even enjoy the sports. Its not a business decision made by people that actually matter, they only did this in fear of backlash.

Like I said, let put speed limits next and remove beer and hotdogs. If it was pure racing or whatever sports, there would be no presentation. Just turns right to racing with no commentary and commercials and sponsors etc.


To be honest, the idea of having these people protesting outside my place is pretty scary.

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If they take away the girls at Taiwan’s multitude of electronics, tourism, etc. product exhibitions, then there’ll really be an uproar. ha ha.