#metoo makes sports less fun


Right move for them. They specifically stated it’s making it harder to attract a new generation of fans, so the assumptions you’re making above may not be totally warranted either. If they thought it was going to hurt their standing with their fans, would they have done it? It’s not like there was any clamor against the practice that I’ve heard about.


They also said that trying to push the v6 turbo engines because most car manufacturers have gone away with V8s and use turbos to more eco friendly now thinking it well show how well the tech is if it’s their cars. It turns out everyone hated it. Hope it’s like this. The girls are just part of formula 1 and motor sports. It like if telling baseball fans there will not be hotdogs because of obesity or any other baseball tradition.


At least it looks like boxing won’t cave.


I find ring girls and girls at formula one cheap and old fashioned.

I also believe in liberty and people have the right to do what they want as long as they are not messing with anyone else. Feminists don’t generally care about liberty.


I go to the Montreal race every year and quite frankly the grid girls add very little to the show. I always thought there should be grid boys in addition to grid girls, but when F1 tried that people howled to the moon. I will miss the pageantry of them walking the driver flags to the start/finish straight but this really isn’t a big deal. Once the racing starts everyone will whine about something else and forget there ever were grid girls.

As far as the women who do this job of course they’re fine with it; it’s voluntary and a sweet gig if you can get it. However no one is entitled to a job as a grid girl so their complaints ring hollow.


What does that even mean ? Who is entitled to any job?


This is in reference to former grid girls complaining that F1 stopping the practice is taking away their “choice” as women and for some this is their only job etc.


It’s taking away a source of income, seems a valid complaint


Oh, did they? :wolf: :full_moon:

I wonder what that sounded like… :thinking:

A: We’re laying off all the grid girls.
B: You’re gonna pay for that, you Feminazis! Don’t you realize you’re sending hard working women into poverty?
A: Okay, we’ll keep the grid girls, but we’re going to hire some grid boys.
B: You’re gonna pay for that, you Cultural Progressives! Don’t you realize you’re sending red blooded sports fans into sexual confusion?

Just speculating. Of course, once the gridbots become affordable, that will pretty much settle the labor argument and leave us with just sexual confusion to bicker about. :robot: :heart_eyes:


In most cases, opinions of people who would loose their jobs will be against the job cut. It is not particular to those girls.

If they are a private organization for profit, and find their decision is wrong for their profit overall, they will bring back their girls.

If feminists are claiming to remove girls from sports scene, I don’t like it, though. I prefer them claim to open the door to good looking boys as well. 50/50 would be great,


I feels like feminists and post modernists won’t be happy until all women are in burkas.
They think they are a voice for all women and women can not be trusted to make up their own minds…
Why do they ignore the women in Iran for example who are removing their head wear and then are arrested?
A cancer to society and freedom.


THIS. They dont care about ring girls, just authoritarians


There are perfectly normal, natural reasons that fast cars and sexy women, and politics and sexy women are always found together. And so they are.

Yep. It’s a bit of puritan authoritarianism.


Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.
– Oscar Wilde

Eye candy likewise is about power. Who controls it controls sexual power.


Is this what it’s like in the politics forum?

Completely agree with TG here. From a business perspective, they don’t add value to the actual competition. If they were ring side between rounds and in the corners of each participant, that’s a different story.

I only got into cycling a few years ago and had an idea that podium girls existed at the end of the race, but that was never the reason why I watched any kind of live cycling event. For me, it was always about the shiny bikes and the awesome places the pros get to ride through that I could only dream of doing. I actually had to read a few articles about the recent events to be reminded that podium girls even existed in cycling.

Here’s an interesting take from a female pro mountain biker’s blog post to the grid girls:




Have you see the new generations recently?



If televised, they could zoom in more on the tight asses and ‘six packs’ of the contestants.


Tight asses and six pack


Beach vb and racing, more to that comparison than tight asses and six packs.

There has always existed a subset of racing fans hoping to see a fiery accident, just as there has always existed a subset of beach volleyball fans hoping to see a boob or two make an unruly escape.

May be the same people in both subsets, who knows. But these subsets absolutely drive the #metoo crowd meta-world-peace bonkers.