#metoo makes sports less fun


I’m curious, what’s more interesting about Italy and Spain than France (other than the location and scenery)? It’s all 100+ guys in lycra on 10,000USD bikes racing at top speeds for countless hours and kms.

To me, it’s all relatively the same amount of boredom. I’d turn it on to watch for a few minutes and just watch highlights after each stage.


greater chances for more riders to temporarily hold first place, especially riders who likely will never win TdF.



I think the use of these so called “Show Girls”, is terrible and should be banned in Taiwan.




I was being sarcastic… apologies , our cars, our employees :disappointed_relieved:



What car is that? Same as your profile picture?


Yes. Lola Caterham SP300r.


I probably looked at the top picture - er portions of it that is - for five minutes before I finally realized shiadoa’s actually in it. :eek:

This topic is closed. :grin:

Well done, sir, well done.


So you’re basically saying that in future, there’ll only be crotchety old foreigners in the pictures?


I will attempt to hide any further “crotchety old foreigners” from view, using my helmet.


I don’t know F1, but in the US, NASCAR is considered trashy. That’s probably why they need those models.


The hot blonde in the shades really stands out. Reasonably sized tits, too.


You heathen swine :grinning:


Excellent! You even artfully used a shadow to hide the paunch.


Uh-ohh… them’s fighting words.


He he . I was going to reply with a facetious comment about Baseball, to NC, but that would have been trashy.


I have the honor of being at 2 NASCAR races at Talladega in the late 80s when there were no restrictor plates. Was there at the fastest (still record) qualifying time ever by Bill Elliott (212+mph) and saw Bobby Allison’s crash, which brought about the current restrictor plate, happen just to the left of us. Flipped multiple times and landed right-side up. Got out, waved to the crowd, and walked away. Lucky him.


Did you know that you are now, apparently, :grinning: considered “Trashy”?


And a Deplorable. But hey… the crosses people have to bear in life.