Mexican Food in Taipei

I tried Teotihuacan in a food fair some time back and it wasn’t that good nor that bad but decided I would try out the actual restaurant. I’ve tried to visit twice, once with a reservation, but didn’t get a table though waitstaff said you could sit outside and wait with their dog which growls and barks at everything that moves. They said not to touch him because he isn’t friendly but never gets off his leash.

I like Nala’s - fills you up for $100 and is consistent.

I tried twice was turned away both times. Once for a function and once because they didn’t open for 20 minutes even though doors were open and nothing happening I could easily sit at a table and wait but no.

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i tried twinkeys a week or two ago. wasn’t feeling it. the kimchi fries were really good but the rest was totally bland.

i found out american ‘root beer’ is the same as hei song sasparilla though which was pretty funny.

Tried Quantum Tacos in Hsinchu. It was hard to eat but I made the trip specifically to try. Kind of one of those meals where you wonder if you’re going to be sick later.

Al astor meat seems really low quality with cartilage and fat chewy parts and didn’t even taste fully cooked, very watery for some reason.

Also tried pork burrito. Also strange meat.

All I can say is I’ll not be going back even if I’m in the area and hungry.

Quantum Tacos Hsinchu 量子塔可墨西哥美味廚房
No. 554號, Section 2, Zhonghua Rd, East District, Hsinchu



Tacos Luca will be at Qizhang Station in Xindian Tuesdays and Thursdays this month. Tamales can also can be ordered.


I see a lot of negative reviews here, but I guess they’re probably well-deserved. I would like to hear reviews of places that are not Mexican restaurants, but offer some Mexican dishes. This includes the chain restaurants (Fridays, Chilis), but also non-chain spots (Brass Monkey, Kooks in Danshui, Green Hornet Cafe in Xindian, The Hammer in Yonghe). Anyone?

Oh Hell no…


Went to Machos Tacos and was so unimpressed :confused:

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JaysuneatsTaipei is pretty good, although he recently sold off that site and I’m not sure if it’s being updated…

This awaits you, friends, in Xindian.

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That was from yesterday, no?

And tomorrow. Tuesdays there are tamales, too, don´t forget.

My favorite tacos are at El Sabroso but they don’t make it easy to buy them. Reminds me of the soup Nazi from Seinfeld. No tacos for you!

Is it still Tuesdays only?


Yes. Sometimes they sell out early and it takes at least 30 minutes. Very delicious and cooked fresh.

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Tea bar this Sunday evening is the place to be, so I’ve been told.

damn right. wish i could eat them more often but its a mission…

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Is this guy right near exit one of qizhang or a ways down?